AAT stamps

Hey! Maybe this is a long shot. With the stamp release yesterday I was looking at the older AAT stamps that AusPost has released, and I really love them! I’m wondering if anybody has any old stamps/maxicard from these issues. I’ve put the link to the page below for everyone to see! I’m happy to sort out a trade or something. I’m the most interested in the ‘Mapping the AAT’ maxicards!


Hey @Midnight4225 are you just looking for the AAT stamps from 2014 onwards? I’d be happy to pull out a few from my collection for you but they’d probably be older than 2014.

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No, any would be great! Thanks!

Sent you a message!

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I’ll make a note of what my local PO has in stock, I seem to recall noticing several different AAT stamp issues still available there. The harp seems really familiar.

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Thank you very much!

Hey, it’s been a while, sorry. I was just in and the harp set is gone, just Nolan is available. And I noticed a large folder set of “all AAT issues”, from 2019 and 2021, wrapped in plastic so I’m not sure if it’s individual stamps or mini sheets or what, RRP $49.95.