A tiny code change to register a card's ID in one click

I have a suggestion for an improvement in the website code, as follows:
When I register a card, I have to click twice, first for the ID box (two letters) and then for the code box (numbers). It would save a click if the cursor jumped to the next box as soon as the first box is filled in, see code example here.

I know it’s trivial, but I’ve had RSI in the past and I know that it does really help people to save a click whenever possible. Especially the users who have to register, say, ten cards at once!


A+ for general usability enhancements


Looks like a good idea. :+1:

Although this kind of optimization is also the sort of thing that hits unforeseen edge cases. We are currently trialing an implementation of this. If no issues come up, we’ll make it permanent.


That’s very cool to hear, thanks for trying it out and fingers crossed!

Yes, I noticed yesterday. It worked well.

I have this problem that I can’t register cards.
I can write D but when I click E (for DE), the cursor jumps to the number box and there’s no way to write two letters for the country code. This happens on the phone, I haven’t tried my laptop yet.

This is happening to me as well, but maybe the letter code just goes in with the number now? I’ll test that…

I thought maybe I just couldn’t see the E, I wrote the number and the message but nothing happened when I clicked to register. I also tried other country codes but I could only write the first letter.

This seems to affect only some browsers, at least Firefox on Android. Is that the case for you, @Wilmariina and @Kayla221B?

For now we have reverted this change while I figure out if there’s a workaround we can use.


Yes, I’m using Firefox on Android. Now it’s working fine with the old system :+1:

Yes, was using Firefox on android. I’ll try a different browser :slight_smile: thanks Paulo!

I never got around to checking another browser yesterday, but I was able to register cards on Firefox today :slight_smile:

It’s back to the version where you click the country code and numbers boxes separately (which is no big deal).

Hello development team,

At present we type in the the country code first & hit the tad to go to the next field to type the number. Since all the country codes are two characters, can you make the field like how we input the creditcard numbers during online purchases? A sixteen digit credit card number automatically gets grouped into four groups with four characters in each of them. And we type it in one continuous motion. Just like that, say I want to input a card number US-xxxxxxxx, I can continuously type usxxxxxxxx instead of us>TAB>xxxxxxxx. This might be one of the low priority change requests. Shall leave it upto you to do the pros and cons.


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I think what you suggest is similar to what was talked here: :wink: