A timer to choose when profile goes active again

Maybe it has been suggested already, also maybe there are too many disadvantages. But my idea is

  • a timer that users can set when they want their inactive profile to go active again

Situation: Someone is on holiday, some little digital pause included. Still they want their profile to go active some days in advance before returning home, so they are welcomed by some nice cards. Or they want their adress to be in the pool for WPD, if only for prevention of that certain pool running dry.
A voluntarily timer could help in such situations.

Don’t know if it’s a much needed idea, also acknowledge that there can be problems (what if I prolong my holiday but forget the timer …). Still, maybe it’s worth discussion and consideration.

Happy postcrossing


I’ve never needed such a timer before, but could definitely use one now - I’m currently inactive and plan to set my account to active again on WPD. But I’m away traveling on a family holiday then, so I have to remember to log in and set my account to active. I have set a calendar reminder to do so :joy: but an automatic setting would definitely have made it easier!


I’ve never needed it either, but I think it’s a good idea for such situations that you mention :blush:

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Not a bad idea, but probably something a simple calendar reminder might be able to remedy? It hasn’t failed me yet! My concern would be a person forgetting about being active once again, so the potential for errors seems higher than if a person simply logged in and made the change intentionally.


The calendar remedy does not solve the digital-pause/no-connection situations. But yes, I can see potential problems myself (like what if I decide to stay on the remote island forever, but cards are written to me back home). Don’t know if that’s solveable without one personal digital action.

Still, it is/was worth to discuss