A request for dessert recipes Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


I am turning to you with a somewhat unusual request. My daughter Saša attends a pastry school and in her project she has to describe Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and five recipes of their typical, national desserts. She has to “convert” one of these recipes into two: one for vegans and one for diabetics. Not only on paper, but she has to do it, too.

And my request? She wants to know, what are typical Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian desserts and of course the recipe for them. Some pictures would be nice. My daughter will somehow turn to the vegan and diabetic version, but if you know this option, she would appreciate it very much.

She would be also happy, if you direct her to websites or Facebook pages of this three countries with such a topic, preferably in English (maybe I ask too much :blush:). Of course, she can translate – there are so many tools.

Maybe you could indicate some book with recipes for desserts.

Maybe there is a recipe like this in your family that you could share with us?

Thank you in advance

Karmen and Saša


Hello Karm,
as far as I know, there are a lot of famous desserts in Lithuania, so I’ll list some of them with pictures, please tell me if you want one recipee in particular.
The best for you will probably be the tinginys / lazy cake. It is called lazy cake as it is quite easy to cook it! Tinginys – Lithuanian Lazy Cake Cookies - Nomad Paradise
But there are also:

  • the honey cake (medaus tortas)
  • the “anthill” (skruzdėlynas, made with honey)
  • the kūčiukai, eaten especially for Christmas Eve (it’s really typical of Lithuania, there was even a stamp about it)
  • the Šakotis, however, it is cooked on a spit, so I doubt it will be easy to cook for you
  • the cheesecake (varškės Pyragas), even if it’s not really like an American cheesecake
  • the Šimtalapis (brought by the Tatars (pastry with poppy seeds)
  • some very cute cookies which look like mushrooms
  • the Napoleon cake (but it doesn’t look easy to cook…)

If some Lithuanian postcrossers are reading this, please tell me if I am wrong somewhere :blush:
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will be more helpful :smile:

Here are the pictures of the desserts I mentionned:

I hope this is OK for you dear Karmen, dear Saša! I find the school project really nice!


Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, it is an interesting project,
I will let you know how it went.

So how did it go? :blush: