A question about ticker tape activity

I think the scrolling activity on the home page (what I refer to as “ticker tape”) is fun to watch, but I have a question for someone who has been around longer, and might know…
Every so often, I will see a single member pop up and you see a dozen or more postcards going out all right at once. It takes me 20-30 minutes to draw a name, study their profile, choose a card and stamp, write a message and decorate it. How can someone go at such a great speed?
I’m also a bit slow because I scan and upload the photo, too.

They probably pull the dozen addresses in quick succession and then, after that, do the dozen postcards.

I think that’s probably more common than request first address —> select/write/decorate card —> request second address, etc.

Apologies if I misunderstood your question.


I will pull them in bunches at a time, but only what I can do in one evening (so, like 3 :smile:) It still takes a few seconds for each one though, so I have no idea, they must be able to click through the process very quickly?

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Not at all - that’s exactly what I was wondering. I’m still pretty new and worried that if I went off the address screen before doing all the rest, that I might “lose” the address and somebody wouldn’t get their card. Nice to know. And thanks.


You can always find the addresses on your Travelling cards page if you need it! It should also be in your email inbox.

Welcome to postcrossing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: no, no need to worry about that. You can always click the ID in your Travelling list and see the ID and address together. And I also get an email with each address I pull with the ID, too.

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I imagine the activity thingy is not a perfect-in-real-time thing so perhaps it picks all activity from a person and puts it on quickly. Eg it took two whole minutes to draw 12 addresses* but the website shows them all at once.

*and yes, I imagine a lot of people select many addresses in rapid succession then sit down to write the cards. I very rarely do that, I usually do one by one (get address, write, decided if I want more and if so I get another address, and so on. Usually only 2-3 in one sitting before I lose concentration and want to do something else, or run out of time).


Sometimes we are also hunting for beautiful ID :sweat_smile:

When you get… let’s say… ID-123454, of course you will request 2 more address as soon as possible so you don’t miss ID-123456


Many members (myself included), select the icon Send a postcard, then from the top menu select send a postcard several times in quick succession after getting an ID. Most often I will get consecutive ID numbers.

I then go back and open each one in a separate tab on my browser for the address and details.

I pre-upload the image after I have written out the postcard as a way of tracking what is ready to be posted.

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When I’m in the mood to write cards, I pick one after another up to five or seven and then I take my time to read the profile, choose my cards out of the boxes and then read every profile again, write and decorate the card. Then I will take the picture of the card and do the upload so I’m sure I don’t miss a card! Sometimes when I read in the profile they like handmades, I need a few days, because I seldom have handmade catds in stock, so the picture at my profile helps me to remember who still needs a card. While all of this I listen to some music or a hearbook.


I use the computer in my office to draw names, usually 5-10 at a time, then read over profiles, select a card and move to the couch to write & stamp. I’m able to devote an hour on a Sunday morning to this and drop them off at the post office in the afternoon for Monday processing.

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I pull whatever addresses I have slots for, print all the addresses, and then write the cards later as I have time. So you would see me pull several addresses at once but the actual cards wouldn’t be done until later.


Sometimes when there is lower activity, the ticker is almost in-real-time. I’ve seen my actions (like uploading received card or requesting adress) several times already.
During busier hours (=european late afternoon), the ticker might lag some activity.

There is no ‘bundle of activities’, I think, as there are no single blocks per specific user, but lines like
user 1,
user 1,
user 2,
user 1,
user 3,
user 4,
user 1 …


Cool - I never thought of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I don’t find it a laughing matter when someone immediately registers the cards they receive.
I also usually register on the same day I receive the cards because I know that at the other end a postcrosser might be waiting for a card to be registered, because only then they can draw a new address again.


I apologize for being flippant and joking about the time-line for sending and registering postcards. My intent was to convey that not everyone is able to immediately register a postcard and that life gives us distractions that interfere with our best laid plans. This should not disqualify someone from participating in Postcrossing. I assure you, I really do make every effort to follow the time-line, and, again, I apologize if my comment came across as if I do not. I deleted my comment.


No way man! LOL You have to hurry and put them together as the ticker tape flies past you at breaknecking speed! Otherwise they are LOST and you have to wait one year to pull the next ones. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

After you pull an address you will be sent a email with the persons information and ID number to write on the card. :+1::+1: Just kidding about the first paragraph LOLOLOL need any help? Please ask away! I am more then happy to help you race that ticker tape! :rofl: