A postcard's wall with the Travelling Postcards (sender only)

I’d love it if there could be an extra page on my wall to show my travelling postcards. Obviously, these would only be visible to me, not to anyone else (similar to the “Popular” page). This would be useful both to see what cards I’ve sent recently and to check, quickly, that I’ve uploaded my recent cards correctly.


Yes, definitely. In keeping with the current status quo, this wall of travelling postcards can be set to private mode, only seen by the sender.
It would help an awful lot.

We talked about this already Viewing images of my traveling cards - #4 by paulo
and you can read there the answer of Paulo.

Therefore I close this Topic, but if you would like to say anything about that theme please do that in the other Topic.

I’m reopening this one because I think the suggestion might be something different.

In Viewing images of my traveling cards - #4 by paulo the issue was that the icon to upload leading to a different page.

I believe the suggestion here however is to have a new ‘traveling’ tab on postcard Wall — is that right @AllSerene ?


Thanks Paulo, yes, that’s correct and that was my reaction when this was first closed.

I mean, you can see all this with the way traveling cards are shown at the moment. Does it really make that much of a difference to see the picture of the card on your wall? But okay, it would be a better overview regarding the pictures… :smiley:

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I really like this idea.

I was clicking through my travelling cards only yesterday and having to open each uploaded image link as I went…reminding myself what I had in transit. While this is currently no big deal for me, with only seven cards travelling, it would have been much easier (and more appealing to look at) as a tab on my wall.


Yes, it is possible to see them on the current system but, if you want to look at more than one or two, it would be much easier if they were visible through my wall.


yes, especially when you have more than 25 postcards travelling. (38 at the moment for me)


I also thought about something like this :+1:t2:

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