A postcard wiki / encyclopedia


Just an idea. I think it would be nice if we make a postcard wiki here at postcrossing.
Not in a topic on the forum, but really as a separate part on the site.

I think we can make the cards searchable by words describing the front
and words that are printed text on the back.

We can then post a description and more information for each card. Eg from which year the card is, background information about the card. Some cards are, for example, from a museum. Then you can add the link to the museum. Or maps of places, that you can see the places on Google Maps.

Some cards are from postcrossing meetings or made by a postcrosser him/her-self (possibly for a special reason).

You can also indicate whether it is a card from a series and which other cards belong to it.

If there is a text in a foreign language, you can translate it.

This gives you more information about a card.

(I would be happy to help if this is going to be made.)

As an example:

Keywords front: Squirrel, autumn, summer, winter, seasons,
Keywords back: Cewe
Other keywords: Norway, 2017, 4 images.

Description card:
2x2 images. From left to right, top to bottom: squirrel with apple, nature in summer, nature in autumn, nature in winter with snow.

The card was made by Postcrosser Molletje in 2017. It is part of a tradition that started in 2017, to make a card every Christmas with photos from nature taken that year. The photos were taken in (place), Norway. The images are of different seasons and different types of plants, animals, etc.
The tradition started in 2017 because Postcrosser Molletje emigrated to Norway in 2017.

The ‘summer’ image at the top right of the 2017 postcard can also be seen on the 2018 postcard, where the same image was taken in the winter. You can see this image on the 2018 postcard at the bottom right.

The ‘autumn’ image on the 2017 postcard can also be seen on the 2019 postcard. On the 2019 postcard you see the image at the top right, where the same location was photographed in winter.

There are only 20-30 copies of each card

It is a card from a series. At the moment there are 5 cards in this series.
Also in this series are: 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.





(Each card gets its own page, so there you get the description of those cards, etc.)


Your photography (especially of the birds) is wonder-filled!

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@TurtlePoint Thank you very much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is there a postcard you would like to have?
If you PM me with your address I can send it to you.

I agree with Sue, and years 2020 and 2021 are amazing. :star2:

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Your cards are beautiful.

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