A postcard from the police

I found this on the street while walking in my neighborhood yesterday. Turns out even the police send postcards - though I imagine the recipient didn’t register this one :laughing:

I especially love that they used such an whimsical stamp

(and in case anyone in wondering, no I did not try and deliver this card to it’s rightful owner. I already have a regular job and don’t have time for a second one serving arrest warrants :slight_smile: )


This reminded me of a postcard campaign from Interpol :sweat_smile:

They sent a postcard to the vacation spot where the criminal might stay in the hope local people wood recognize the criminal and contact the police.


The waffle stamp!!! :sob: Amazing


I think this sums up the absurdity of our criminal justice system right now. Threaten to arrest someone in public and charge them additional fees for doing so, but use the least private and reliable mail option to inform them of this.


Wow…that’s weirdly funny :joy:

OMG, I had no idea!!! I did some research and just found out that this is just one of 21 cards. All European countries apparently were entitled one postcard :laughing:
Feel free to check out the others with this link Dear Europe’s Most Wanted fugitives - the Police want you back home this summer! | Europol


this one’s also funny…
Does anybody actually have one of these?


Who knew? Who knew? Who knew?
So dystopian. Warrant by postcard.
What next? Death by return to sender? :wink:


There’s just no bottom limit for scammers, is there? :neutral_face:

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I would like to know if it is a real postcard !Could you tell me please?

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I think so…From the articles i have read it says that they sent out these postcards to the vacation address of the criminals…

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Are these a scam, then? :thinking: The idea of a police department sending out a postcard (instead of just arresting the person) is so strange, that I can’t quite wrap my head around it.


Not as far as I can tell. The phone number and address match what’s listed on the police department’s website.The card doesn’t ask for any personal information - it just instructs you to call the phone number listed. Still, very strange.

The police wouldn’t send a postcard to inform you of your impending arrest…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…okay, never mind: apparently, Texas police do.


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I actually just bought some of the same kind postcard stamps lately from a small local USPS and only half of a book left.

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The sea shell stamp MAKES this :laughing: :joy:


wow…it’s almost a shame attempt with using a post card…like hey if you don;t want us letting your mom know you are in trouble, best not get a warrant in my town! at least if it was a letter, not everyone could read your business and then you could at least play it off like oh yeah they were just looking for a donation, nothing to do with my current incarceration status…
that is too much! and so random to find it on the street i love finds like that…