A postcard from Shimanekko(local character for Shimane,Japan)

A postcard from Shimanekko(local character for Shimane,Japan).
That is a postage-due mail.

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Can I get this card ?.. I love the image.

This postcard does not support send.Because this is the only one I have.But I know how to get it.

May be you can send it in an envelope.
I can send you this beautiful card in return

Pls confirm
Best regards

@Fullert, I didn’t know Shimanekko sends cards to overseas!
Oops, they had forgotten it would cost 70 yen though. :persevere:
Were you charged 7 yen for the shortage? (I hope not!)

@Oceanfun, Fullert is saying the card is not for exchange.
That’s why Fullert did not post in “Trades, requests, and offers” section.
This is a Postcard Chat! section.

Shimanekko usually accepts New Year postcard in December and you will receive their postcard in return.

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When the postman gave me the mail, he didn’t ask me for 7 yen.Because he knew it was troublesome.That was needed to buy foreign exchange.

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