A postcard from Shimanekko(local character for Shimane,Japan)

A postcard from Shimanekko(local character for Shimane,Japan).
That is a postage-due mail.


Can I get this card ?.. I love the image.

This postcard does not support send.Because this is the only one I have.But I know how to get it.

May be you can send it in an envelope.
I can send you this beautiful card in return

Pls confirm
Best regards

@FoxPos, I didn’t know Shimanekko sends cards to overseas!
Oops, they had forgotten it would cost 70 yen though. :persevere:
Were you charged 7 yen for the shortage? (I hope not!)

@Oceanfun, Fullert is saying the card is not for exchange.
That’s why Fullert did not post in “Trades, requests, and offers” section.
This is a Postcard Chat! section.

Shimanekko usually accepts New Year postcard in December and you will receive their postcard in return.


When the postman gave me the mail, he didn’t ask me for 7 yen.Because he knew it was troublesome.That was needed to buy foreign exchange.

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Oh thanks for this!

I think I’ll try that out to see if I get one next year.