A Mini Meetup in Weifang on Jan 15th, 2021

:world_map:  PROVINCE: Shandong
:world_map:  CITY: Weifang
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: Burger King in Sino Plaza
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: 2:00pm, Jan 15th
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN: 3 types of cards are designed and offered; bring your own stamps,
pens and other things necessary; if you are new to Weifang meetup group and would like to join us, make sure to contact me before pop up on the event

你好 我來自台灣 請問能和你換一張濰坊的聚會片嗎?我們1/23有舉辦牛年的聚會片+郵戳(照片如下)希望能和你交換~