A fellow PC forum member account is on hold and she doesn't know why

Hello to you all :wave:
A fellow active PC forum member, @clubpostcards had asked me to post and ask for help on her behalf.
I had tried to look in FAQ and also searched in the forum about this topic, but the closest I found was the topic “banned member”. And if my understanding is correct, the situation is not the same.

Yuki @clubpostcards found out that she cannot reply nor can she post anything anymore in the forum. She said that her forum account is on hold and she doesn’t know the reason.

Here is her message to me from official PC

my forum account is now on hold but no one gives me a good reason for it. they took away my right of posting on the forum. i cannot even send private messages on the forum, but i can still read incoming messages and i can probably message back.

could you speak up on behalf of me on this thread in general topics :

do you have problem reading cursive ?

someone ask me a question but now i cannot answer him. could you speak up for me on the thread and tell people that my forum account is on hold, so i cannot answer at all? thank you so much!

We would really appreciate some help from anyone who may know the reason why her forum account is on hold.
Anyone knows who she should contact or what she should do to get her forum account activated again?

Thank you for your time in reading this post. :blush::pray:


She should contact Admin on the main site & ask for their help:


Thank you for your prompt reply :smiley::pray:
I’ll let her know. :blush:


Oh no! I didn’t know the forum had this mechanism. But usually for temporary ‘ban’ like this someone must’ve done something against the term of service/ community guidelines. I personally have swapped with Yuki @clubpostcards and she’s a nice forum member with her many giveaways!! I hope there’s only some mechanism mistake in this case


There could be several reasons for this:
■ The member has not honored their trades (Tags, RRs, etc.) in the Forum.
■ There have been some very heated discussions on PostCrossing recently, resulting in some members’ comments being flagged as violating PC guidelines. I think if you get flagged several times, you get banned.
■ I recall this member asking for opinions of members from a certain region of Europe. I live in the US, but have a good knowledge of the subject. They said they would write me with some questions; but I never heard from them.
■ The Postcrossing algorithms also kick in when they perceive a commercial offer appearing in a post. These get flagged.

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Hi Ron,
Thank you for the detailed explanation. :blush:
I appreciate it. I didn’t know much about these things before.

I hope the matter can be resolved soon, in a peaceful manner.


Didn’t clubpostcards have quarrel with the forums before? I think that she also was banned a year ago or so, but I do not remember exactly.

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@clubpostcards should have gotten an email when the account was silenced, explaining the reason for the penalty. I’ll contact her again to let her know.

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