A Chinese post office will open on a train

Hello.I want tell everyone a good news.
A Chinese post office will open on a train at July 1st.
This post office is open on “Y701” tourist train(Shanghai West to Jiaxing). You can written and stamp your postcards in this post office and send them out. The postman will put a special postmark on your postcard. That is a good souvenir.


Very cool idea and makes total sense!

That is so cool!!

Sounds great :blush:


Trains & Postcards! How awesome! Thank you for sharing this with the Postcrossing community.

Great story Fullert. Thank you for sharing it

Will you go on the train and try it out? I would happily volunteer to receive a card and swap something back in exchange!


I am with @TwasBrillig :roll_eyes:


What a geat idea!
I hope other countries will get something like this all. :blush:

This is convenient, Interesting!

Wonderful! Lucky the ones who will receive that mail :heart_eyes:

This is cool! Post offices in trains have practically disappeared in most countries, so it’s nice to hear they’re making a comeback in China! :slight_smile:

I want tell you this post office is specially set up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

I hope you will write some postcards on the train and send postcards to everyone. That is a good idea.

This is wonderful news. I would love to get a commemortive stamp. I’ll be in Iceland this summer; maybe we can swap stamps.

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