A check if sent on my travelling list

I’m up to 20 cards sent at a time
Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what I sent or didn’t.
I’d love a little box I coukd tick when. I’ve sent the card to remind myself it’s done.
I don’t have time to scan all the cards etc.


The way I keep track is I get the emails sent for each address chosen (I assume you can turn that off if you like), and I don’t open them/mark them as read until I’ve actually put the card in the mail.


Maybe take a photo of them when you’ve sent them? There are Photo diary apps too, if you’d like to keep it for postcrossing only, and find the right photos easily.

I use Google PhotoScan on my phone to “scan” the cards, not as good as a proper scanner, but to keep me reminded what card I sent. Also quick enough, so I remember to scan them.

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I use the photo upload as a check box. As soon as I finished writing the card, I upload the photo. So all IDs with no photo still need to be written.


This is what I do too. I also delete the address emails after sending because I don’t really want my email be full of emails with people’s addresses. The postcard ID is on the title so it is very easy to pick the ones I have sent already and leave unsent ones as reminder.

Although, it could be handy to have a little check box too. Not sure how that would work on the site. The system kind of assumes you write and send the card right away or soon-ish after getting the address, so would a check system encourage people to wait longer before sending and take too many addresses at once?

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I write the card as soon as I draw the address (so I draw an address, write the card, then draw another address). I have a letter holder in my peg board right next to my desk where I put my outgoing mail, so I can take it with me when I know I’ll come by a mailbox


exactly this. i don’t see the point of requesting an address if i have cards left to write. i request addresses when i have time to write. when i’m finished i scan the cards and put them in my bag so i can post them the next time i leave my house.


Sure, that’s what I do. But mostly I request a handful of addresses and as I like to decorate with rubber stamps… I need to let them dry. Depending on the coating it might need to dry over night. So it’s helpful to have a system. And not all people go to the post office / mailbox every day.

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You could also jot down the ID on a list and check them off yourself when you’re done.
I keep a running list of sent postcards and I tend to draw a few at a time so I can doodle and stuff. :slight_smile:
Mine looks like a to do list? Or a library card haha.

I also request a handful of addresses and cannot write all in once so I do this, every card I finish writing I take the ID email out of my email inbox. I always keep it empty so it’s easy to spot a card not sent yet. You could have a system of deleting or flagging them too.
As for scaning the picture, most of the times I do so with PhotoScan, sometimes I forget, but it could work too. Or perhaps every time you draw addresses you can write the IDs on a list and check each you’ve written.

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I keep track of my cards writing down ID and nickname or tag and nickname of the receiver in a paper journal and then :white_check_mark: them when the card is on its way.


I remember this conversation on occasion on the old forum. I only found this but it has a clear answer. I assume it’s ok to reference the old forum since it will stay, indeed, for reference:

Personally, I also on usually get addresses when I can write straight away, and even if I didn’t, it would be one or two so I wouldn’t forget. Then I post the cards the next time I go out. I think if I had to tick a further box I’d forget or remember it a week later etc.

Yes, I have a fairly elaborate written system on my computer to keep track of what I need to send, have sent & have agreed to for swaps/tags etc. I keep track of their name, ID & country, what card I sent, what I said & when I mailed it.

It’s nice to be able to look back with some detail at what you sent, plus it’s super helpful for your memory when the card takes a long time to get to it’s destination or something happens along the way.

I mostly scan the cards when I buy them & then I just have to upload the already scanned photo once it’s ready to mail.