A beautiful bounty of cards

Today I came home to…

…forty-one official cards!

I had made myself inactive due to the pandemic, but then kept sending cards out of boredom. And I think the post office is only delivering things like postcards every few days, so they build up a bit.

So now I am watching junk tv and registering cards.


A postcard avalanche! What a nice feeling to open the mailbox and have it overflowing with nice postcards :heart_eyes:

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It reminds me of last June when I opened my PO Box after 4 months didn’t check it, I found 40+ cards and envelopes


That must have been lovely for you! However, if some people waited up to four months for their postcards to be registered, I think they were probably less happy.
If you were sick and unable to check your PO Box, I’m really glad you’re better now. If you were super busy or away and find yourself in that same situation again, maybe try the “inactive” setting? I’ve used it before, and like @helent ended up getting lots of cards at the same time which was such a wonderful feeling :blush:


We were at very strict lockdown at that time. Of course I was being inactive, but all the cards from official, tags and direct swaps were already on their way before I made my account inactive.

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I’m sorry, I read “last June” as “June last year”.
Yes, in these strange times we all need a lot of patience - in life in general, and with postcards in particular. I haven’t quite given up hope yet on a card I sent five months ago to an infrequent user in Asia, thinking both the postal system there as well as their life might still be impacted by lockdowns and restrictions.
Stay safe!

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… and I thought I had received a lot yesterday! :smile:

(I did receive more after moving from a place to another in the past. I know this happens when you are inactive for some weeks! But 41 is more than I ever got in one day…)


I actually dislike when that happens :sweat_smile:
The most I ever received in one day was 10, on a couple of days after being inactive a while. It took the fun out of it for me, sitting and registering a lot of cards at once felt less enjoyable than having 2-3 every now and then. I didn’t enjoy receving 50+ cards in a month (I was inactive for 4 months but sent quite a lot of my standards) and it confirmed to me that my pace is just right for me and I wouldn’t want to be someone who receives that much regularly.

Also, the 50+ after the inactivity ruins the graph in my stats page :crazy_face:


Generally, I agree. It took me three hours to register them all, and I haven’t scanned yet. But our mail has just been so painfully slow lately - sometimes it’s two weeks without anything arriving - that it was a lovely gift. And there were some really beautiful cards in the batch too.


Certainly, right now we live in different times…
(Oh wow 3 hours! :scream:)

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