9-year-old Batman stamp sheet hiding in a book

Hey, folks. I was moving some of my books between shelves this weekend and this stamp sheet dated 2014 fell out – all stamps still on it. I have no idea why I tucked it away – I’ve moved 2x since then and never ran across it! I’m debating whether I should keep it as-is or use them for postcrossing mailings. They are US Forever stamps, so they’re worth the same as a Forever stamp bought today. Kinda fun.


That is awesome! They are beautiful stamps! If you have the dc box set you could pair them with Batman cards.

So cool!!! Like finding neatly folded money in a corner of your purse! If these haven’t been in circulation for a while recipients would love to get them. :smile:


Amazing :heart_eyes: i love batman :bat:

Oh my God! Do such postage stamps exist? It is a dream to receive a postcard with such stamps :heart_eyes:. And if there was also a postcard with the Batman family.

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