8 October 2023 - World Post Day Celebration

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Voluntari, ILFOV
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Main Post Office, Bd Voluntari nr 95
:calendar: DATE: Sunday, 8 October 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 16:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Even the post offices are closed on Saturday, I have a very good relationship with the lady Manager of the Post Office and she agree to join us in our Postcrossing Meeting for #World Post Day - who is on 9 OCtober 2023. We will meet at 16:00 AM on Saturday at Post Office, and we will have the opportunity to visit the entrie Post office - see where postal workers sort their correspondence, see how cancellations are made, and many other interesting β€œpostal” things! This is the post office that I always use to send and receive my correspondence, and I am really happy to have this opportunity to organize the #worldpostcardday inside it!
During the meeting we can order from catering something to drink and eat, and I feel that will be super fun! :slight_smile:
In order to reach the Post Office, you must take a bus from Bucur Obor in Bucharest from following routes: [411], [412],[413], [417], [460], [461] and get off in 17 stops (when you’ll see OMV gas Station); attention - At Bucur Obor, busses goes on Tramway lane and they stop in Tramway stops.

See you all there, we will have as well a custom made postcard!

I manage to obtain from Romanian Post a special postmark for the date of 9 October 2023, so all postcards will be cancelled with that postmark:

And we will have this special postcard!

Who’s in?

  1. Mihnear
  2. @Bluriel
  3. Ruxandra
  4. Madlina0304
  5. Madalina Avram
  6. @mpalade
  7. @OlenkaV
  8. @RaduSt
  9. Cornel jipa
  10. Meri

I’m in, of course!

Please give at least 14+ days notice of future meetings.

Giving 3 days notice is not enough time for any prospective member to attend or guarantee that the event will get added to the calendar in time.

Hello dear Postcrossers!
I would be very interested in swap both wonderful cards.
My offers:

Enjoy your meeting and thank you in advance.

Am fost acolo!

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Hello everyone!
I would be very interested in swap this card
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