7th graders from Dortmund looking for volunteer postcard recipients in Scotland / the UK

Hi there,

my name is Katharina Baum, and I am about to become a teacher of English. To do so, I have to pass one final exam with my 7th graders in February. Our English book suggests creating a brochure (or website) to persuade people from other countries to visit our hometown (Dortmund, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany).

Since I would like to motivate everyone sitting in this class, I don’t really like the idea to create a brochure no one will read or an (imaginary) website. Writing and sending a postcard to a real person and thus practise writing with a purpose will be fun and meaningful to my 7th graders.

Considering the unit’s/chapter’s geographical context, it would be absolutely incredible to gather 30 addresses from Scotland (or the UK). So, in case you are a Scotsman/Scotswoman or from the UK and interested in learning what is so special about the city of Dortmund, please comment below or PM me.

Thank you in advance for everyone who is willing to support me and to motivate young learners of English to improve their writing skills.
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hi! id love to receive a postcard :~)

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I hope you will get many more replies, so your pupils will have enough people to send their mail to!

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I’m in Wales rather than Scotland, but happy to participate.

Would it be worthwhile posting in the British Isles section, to get to a wider audience?


Hi, I’m in Scotland with 2 children. We would be very happy to participate

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I would very much be up for this, but I’ve already visited Dortmund so I don’t need convincing.


Hi Katharina,

That’s such a nice idea :slight_smile: I live in Glasgow and Im willing to participate in your project :slight_smile:

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Hi Katharine, I’m happy to participate. But in the UK :uk: not Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Curious, why do you have a preference for Scottish participants?

This could be because of the stories in the school materials. My english book was based all around Radcliffe, with stories of kids everyday life.

Hi there,

thanks to all of you for your support and also your interest in my project.

Finding postcard recipients from Scotland would for sure “win the day”. In this very special lesson it’s all about coherence and ways of justifying what I planned. So yes, Peppermintpatty78 is right: the school material somehow sets the stage and since the school material is all about Scotland, writing to someone in Scotland would be absolutely brilliant. However, I could still justify writing to someone from the UK … :slight_smile:

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