7 April 2024 - The Astronomic Meetup in Karaganda, Kazakhstan

CITY/REGION: Karaganda/Kazakhstan
MEETUP PLACE: Karaganda Bukhar-Zhirau str, 76, Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts
DATE: April 7, 2024
TIME: 13:00
MEETUP PLAN: talking about innovations in space, signing postcards


Card 1 is awesome, let me know if you would like to exchange

We canceled this post card with “Batman”.

It is disappointing that you have only replied after the meeting date.

We told you about the issue in late March. When we had no response we sent you a warning on 3rd April and now it is the 17th when you respond!

Theoretically the other postcards could not be used either as the meeting was not on the Postcrossing calendar. This is one of the conditions of using the Postcrossing logo.

I have added the meeting to the calendar after the date but this will be the only time I do this. Any future meeting postcards using the Postcrossing logo must have approval and the meeting added to the calendar well before the date.

Postcrossing Team

Hello! We are sorry. Thank you for your kindness. From now on, we’ll be looking at messages twice a day. It was too much to do with organizing the meeting. Please understand and forgive us.

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