6th May 2023 - Auckland, New Zealand. International Stamp Exhibition

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Auckland
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: NZ2023 FIAP International Stamp Exhibition; Ellerslie Event Centre; Remuera Room, level One
:calendar: DATE: Saturday 6th May 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11am
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

The first International Stamp Exhibition since 1990 will host two Postcrossing Meet-ups. The Exhibition is running 4th May - 7th May, and the meet-ups will be on the Friday and Saturday. This Meet-up post is for the Saturday.

The meet-up will begin with a short talk introducing the concept of postcrossing to exhibition attendees. Help us share the love of this hobby. Then at about 11:20am we have fun chatting and signing each others postcards.

We are working with NZ Post in the design of a Meet-up stamp (via the personalised stamp route) which will be able to be purchased at the Exhibition. We will be using a graphic from a past NZ commemorative coin, so this maybe of interest to the coin collectors. This is confirmed, the $3 stamp will be sold at the NZ Post Stall only during the exhibition (EFTPOS will be available).

There will be a Meet-up Postcard, 400 total printed (fingers crossed I forecasted the number right). No charge for the postcards, but you can give a koha (donation) to the exhibition to go towards the room hire if you wish.

Each day of the exhibition will have a different postmark to use. This is your chance to finally get a cool postmark on your postcard. You will be the one to postmark your postcards, then put in the postbox at the exhibition.

The Stamp Dealers will be recommended to bring stocks of old maxi-cards and postcards. There will definitely be a large stash of general NZ postcards to buy as a fundraiser by a philatelic association. New Zealand Post will have a stall where you can purchase stamps and maxi-cards.


How much does it cost to attend the exhibition? Free!!

What is the parking like? Free. Should be plenty of parking. The fuller it is, the further to walk. Go to the exhibition website for more details of how to get there.

How long is the Meet-up for? Officially it is a short introduction to Postcrossing if any stamp collectors are interested, and what happens at a Meet-up. We have one hour but if it’s not enough some of us can head to the cafe area to continue over lunch.

What to bring?
Air-mail stickers but if you forget there is sure to be plenty around;
Stickers/washi-tape if you like decorating;
Prepare your sending list ahead of time (recommended but not necessary)
Your NZ Post Collectibles Account number so you can earn your Points at the NZ Post Stall.
A little bit of physical money maybe of use.

Do I need to bring stamps to use? NZ Post will be selling stamps, thus it’s not necessary, but you may bring.

Do I need to bring postcards to use? As mentioned above there is a printing of the meet-up postcards available for free, but if we run out there will be New Zealand themed postcards to buy.

What else can I do at the Exhibition? There are talks (one is on Postcard collecting); thousands of pages of exhibits to look at; and shopping at the dealers and postal agencies attending. Full list of all of these are on the exhibition website.

Where can I get lunch? There is a cafe on site. Or BYO, but don’t eat near the stamps and remember to wash your hands afterwards.


This is great! I hope NZ Postcrossing peeps will recognise the importance of this first step by NZ Post to support this awesome group of people using it’s services.
I’m hoping to put together a Bay of Plenty Postcrossing meetup postcard in the stye of many I’ve seen and received myself. I know so many collectors will still appreciate receiving one.
I’m also intending to purchase extra stamps to send at a later date.

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I’m definitely interested in coming and will be there for the events. Sounds great looking forward to it :grin:

This is so exciting! I look forward to being there :smile:

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How awesome! Will try and make it!

How awesome!
I will try to make it.
Sounds fun!

Postcard, and Personalised Stamp all organised.

The meet-up stamp can be bought from the NZ Post stall.

Postcard will be available at the meet-up.


Updated the meet-up description with further info and FAQs

Thank you for DMing me! I will be there tomorrow. Looking forward to the meet-up postcards and special stamps!


Is anyone willing to post an update as to how it went? Will New Zealand Post issue a Postcrossing stamp sometime in the future?

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Both meet-ups had about 13+ ish people. The Friday had the biggest proportion of postcrossers, with 4 stamp collectors trying Postcrossing -crossing for the first time. Saturday had about the same number of postcrossers but quite a few more stamp collectors who were curious about the concept. Many were kiwi’s but some were from overseas.

The Friday was quite relaxed with most of us never attending a meet-up before, plus there was nothing else scheduled in the room after us so we could take as long as we pleased. Saturday I was more organised about providing people with instruction and we managed to keep it within the one hour slot we were allocated. Everyone agreed it was fun and were noises we should do it again.

I have been suggested that we could continue to have meet-ups at National Exhibitions with a gold coin donation towards the venue hire. I will investigate, and maybe set up a emailing list because PMing all active people in Auckland takes a while.

The postcrossing meet-up personalised stamp, and matching postcard was well liked by everyone. Do not know if there will ever be an official postcrossing stamp with NZ Post, but they are aware of the concept and it hasn’t been ruled out.

Taiwan Post has brought postcards to sell. The exhibition was huge and had so many topics that you don’t have to be a stamp collector to enjoy. Being a stamp collector myself i spent a lot of time at the dealers stalls, but because of the meet-ups it meant there were plenty of newly meet people to bang into.

I think both meet-ups were a success.


Hello, I’m from Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil
I would like to exchange postcards with someone who will be attending this event.

In June we will have the Festa Junina event here. I can exchange it for this event or for one in the south zone.
This is the postcard of the event, and each region will have its own, in all there are 6 to complete the picture.


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Hi Jessica the event is finished.

Hi Jessica :relaxed:
I went to the meetup I have a postcard and stamp, the postcard won’t be signed as the events finished but willing to swap if you want.
Have a great weekend
Helen (pommiegal)

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I will be glad to exchange )))
If my links never open, then I can offer Stavropol counter postcards and many other topics for exchange: foxes, bears, cities, food, flowers, birds, owls, wine Stavropol, famous personalities, characters and more.

pm sent - meetingcard-exchange