52 year old postcard found at local thrift shop

Bought this postcard at a local thrift shop. Postmark dated May 20, 1970. Real slice of life!

Text of message:
Saw Mt. Rushmore this morning and on our way to Yellowstone now. Chuck called the AAA this morning and they said there may be too much snow, but we’re chancing it anyway. Certainly are seeing lots of country this time. Plan to be back in Calif. Sat. or Sun. Love, Chuck, Rita (?), and Zana (?)


I love such finds!

I think it could be Nita, if you compare the R of Rushmore to that name.The last name does start with a Z as I do my Z’s like that, so either Zana or possibly Zane.


I think you’re right it’s Nita – I had a last-minute rethink and should have gone with my gut!

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Always go with your gut! I learnt that a long time ago.

I love old, used cards. I have a small collection of Australian vintage postcards and prefer the used ones because of that little slice of life on them.

Like this one, letting Bess know the sender was about to sail for England.


Love this!

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How fun! Mount Rushmore is one of my favorite road trip destinations. Grew up going there, so it brings back a lot of childhood nostalgia. Wall, SD was always a favorite stop along the way— tourist traps always get me! :upside_down_face:

South Dakota is on my list. I know it’s a big place, but I want to do a couple weeks up there one summer. Maybe when my kids are a bit older.


I love these old cards and the biggest part of my postcard interest is collecting the really old ones! My oldest postmarked card is from 1900 but I have some that are a little older and unused.

The church and cemetery pictured here still exists and I was excited and lucky to walk through that small gate with this card in hand 122 years later.

Ok sorry to hijack your post!


It seems that for the last 29,311 days i have had an 80 yr old W.W.2 post card from the Philippines. The date on the card is April 1st, 1943. There are 3 stamps on the card. There is a name and address. There is absolutely no message written unless it was clandestine. Right smack in the middle of the card is a stamp that reads’’ Passed by Censor, Japanese Military Police! Wow. Once i have finished giving away my stamps i will be giving this card away to 1 lucky collector.