50 States Zebra Room

I saw this post on the 50 States Zebra Room Facebook page and thought some of you might want to send them a postcard. The teacher did give me permission to share this post on the forums of Postcrossing.

Many of you have reached out and asked if we would be doing this project again. It’s been many years, but this school year we plan to do it again.

We will start January 1st 2024, and end on February 16th, 2024!

You can start sending postcards or other items anytime you would like and I will start updating the page on the first of the year!

Please share and add friends and family to the page!

Zebra Room
693 N. Hagadorn Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823
United States of America


My home state! I’ll send some things from Kentucky! How fun!

Adding info: she has 20 preschoolers this year.

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I am not on Facebook, so could you please advise what is desired for this Zebra project? Thanks, JamesC


Postcards is the main thing they are looking for.

The classroom have started receiving items and started opening them.

post made on January 22, 2024

I just went through the items we still need to open (9 small packages/Books) and a small amount of postcards (12).

We will be opening more next week when we finish learning about Michigan, but we still need the following states…

New Hampshire
New Mexico
West Virginia

The teacher just made this post on their Facebook page.

I can send a couple postcards with facts about Maine.

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