5 States!

Still trying to complete my states collection! What I’m looking for is any card with the state name on the front. Still in search of: Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Montana or Wisconsin.

I also have a few states where I have the city name rather than the state (not a “must have” for me, but a would like) If you have a card with the state name for: California, Oklahoma, Oregon or South Dakota.

In exchange I can send: “hello fall” cards or a charismas one. I also have some cards converted into postcards for Thanksgiving. OR tell me what you like and I can check my stash.


have Kentucky thanks to a friend in Kentucky. you can have 1. send address so i can post in the a.m.
marcus page57


I have a California one for you. Sending PM

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If someone doesn’t offer up Delaware, lmk and I’ll see if my brother or sister in law can get me some.

I will let you know! Thank you

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I have Oregon. Sending PM.

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I have a Wisconsin if you are interested.

I am looking for:

Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Cathedrals
Ski Lifts or Gondolas
Bass Guitars
Subways, Incline Railways, BNSF Train, Bullet Trains
Vintage American Motels
Marine Corp postcards
Recipe Card (an actual postcard with recipe)

DM me if interested