5 maart 2022 winter meetup Zevenbergen

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: dinercafe en zaal van der hooft . MARKT 8, 4761 CD, ZEVENBERGEN
:calendar: DATE: 5-3-2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

This meetup is under the condition during the covid19 situation we’ll update ASAP when things are going to change in every way

hello dear postcrossing friends,
on the 5th of march frankie and me ( rowena2403 ) will organize an winter meetup in zevenbergen,the netherlands. ( adress : markt 8, 4761 CD , zevenbergen )

it’s on a saturday from 12:00 till 16:30.
we will have lunch around 13:00PM ( pass on lunch BEFORE 27 of februari, this on request from the restaurant your lunch you can give in an private message to rowena2403 )

after lunch we’ll write , stamp. and sticker the cards. and write in some meetup books.
we are on the first floor, there is no elevator, you have to be able to climb stairs.

the cards will be 0,40 cents each. ( design you’ll get later in private message ) cards you get at the restaurant

if you come by car you can park here ( Stationslaan 1, 4761 BA Zevenbergen) it’s by the train station.
it’s an 7-10 minute walk from the station to the cafe/restaurant.

if there are any questions, please ask

there is room for MAX. 20 people
1 rowena2403 50 cards paid
2 frankie 30 cards paid
3 ansjanssen 10 cards paid
4 nancyp 20 cards paid
5 deeske1974 61cards paid
6 postcrossingbo 10 cards paid
7 helmamartens 15 cards paid
8 melelo 25 cards paid
9 dunnies 15 cards paid
10 shalottslady 25 cards paid
11 miranda78 25 cards paid
12 leonievanvliet 10 cards paid
13 jeroen 20 cards paid
14 jana 20 cards paid
15 veerle 25 cards paid
16 nelly
17 mir1990 20 cards paid
18 bao_nl 5 cards




Count me in and 30 cards please

Count me in and 20 cards please

Count me in

Count me in please. OVB :blush:

Count me in please. 25 cards please

Count me in please 25 cards please.

Count me in OVB

Count me in, please OVB. I will hopefully confirm by Saturday.

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I’ve never been to a meetup before but it sounds nice (and close to my home)! Do I need to bring something special?

I would like 25 cards.

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Love to join! Cpuld you sign me up?

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list updated today 10-12-2021

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Woohoo! I can make it! (Number 10 on your list) .

I’d like 25 cards please and will mail you for lunch later tonight. Thanks @rowena2403 and @Frankie for organising! It’ll be my first real life meeting.


I like, to come your meting to Zevenbergen , i want 20 cards , please

Hello we are Jeroen & Jana of Haarlerm (Kwiksa),

We have never been to a meetup. This is the first time. We want to join it. We would like 20 postcards. Please count us in.

greetings Jeroen & Jana

Please count me in + Nelly if possible. We’ll see what the rules and numbers are by then of course. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi, please count me in for this meeting. And I’d like to have 20 cards.

Count me in please.

I would like to be on the waiting list :slight_smile:

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Waitinglist is updated.


Your all on the waiting list.

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