5 December 2021 - Christmas Mini Meetup in Selangor

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Selangor, Malaysia
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Union Artisan Coffee @ Da Men Mall
:calendar: DATE: 5 December 2021 (Sunday)
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:11am (Malaysia Time Zone)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: To Christmas’s Mini Meetup for Malaysia Postcrosser!
We have a small group to meetup with Selangor Postcrosser in Malaysia!
Let’s meet and sign special edition postcards, writing postcards to your friends, chitchat
and have fun together! You also can buy Christmas Theme Postcards before and stamps also, eat some food and drinks. You can make a meeting card yourself if you offer it to others here.

Due to current covid-19 social distance measurements and restrictions, we will have small group meetup (reservation required) for 5 fully vaccinated person for these meetup group.
**The meetup will be cancel if any new SOP we need to follow or the epidemic situation is become serious in Malaysia.

Remember that we still have to obey health protocols:
physical distancing, wear mask / face shield, wash hands frequently
(*don’t come over if you are ill or any symptoms of Covid.)
We Hope that everyone enjoy the meetup and also stay safe at the same time.

Thank you.


  1. Oneday94
  2. JasmineLee96
  3. Zhangxinchen
  4. kerryswan
  5. TriciaLim_

**WhatsApp Meeting about the meetup of further details~
Christmas Meetup Card: we still discussing after that update at here.


Hi! is someone interested in swap? I collect meet-up cards . Here are my cards for swap: на обмен – 382 Bilder | VK

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Our Official Meetup Card : :christmas_tree:

And 2 Unofficial Meetup Cards, it’s created by our participants. :blush:

Please comments below for swap if interested, thanks!


Hello! I like official postcard (1).
My offer:


Hi😊You have a beautiful postcard, I really want to swap, write to me for a swap. if you don’t like our card, I have many other cards, just write🙂


wonderful!! could i have one? I am Italian, I would gladly exchange

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wonderful!! could i have one? I am Italian, I would gladly exchange.

Hai, saya berminat nak beli meetup cards tu boleh ke? Interested in meetup cards just doesn’t have others meetup cards for exchange :upside_down_face:

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Hello everyone! I really would like to swap for the meet up card. My offer Meet up (for swap) | Zonerama.com or any cards from my albums Yuliya | Zonerama.com

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Очень хотела бы официальную карту :star_struck:
Мой обменник:

Буду рада обмену

Collecting postcards from meetings. I’d love to receive yours.
My exchangers are here:

Hello! How can other Malaysians get these cards for swap? can we print them by ourselves or?


Hello! :grinning: I like these cards

My offers is: Offer | Flickr

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Hi, I’m Malaysian. Can I swap my postcard with this?

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@oneday94 DM sent :slight_smile:

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Love to swap

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