4 February 2023 - Venice Carnival Meetup in Moscow

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Russia, Moscow
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: CheckPoint. Myasnitskaya, 17, building 2, Moscow.
:calendar: DATE: 04 February 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00 - Moscow time
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: A meeting to celebrate the opening of the Venice Carnival on the 4th of February: we are going to chat and sign cards.

Postcards booking here: Cartoline postali - посткроссинг в Москве | VK


Буду рада обмену)

какая открытка!) восторг! мне такая очень нужна))
тоже проведу встречу-маскарад, но когда потеплеет у нас) открыточка уже с декабря рисуется

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классная открыточка, ищу обмен :wink: Anmelden | VK

hello some one would swap with me?


Ищу обмен

This is an amazing card! Would someone like to swap with me? Would really appreciate it.

Могу на эту обменяться?)

Могу на эту с вами обменяться?)

I have this postcard! I can exchange with you)))

Hello! Do you still need this postcard? I have it, we can exchange))

YES we can change! i send you genoa meetup carnival? write me your address

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Yes, great! Would you like to send a postcard in an envelope?

My Adress:

Ponomareva Masha

Bulvar Matrosa Zheleznyaka, d.15/9, kv.48




hello, i sent yesterday! but i sent s. valentine meetup card ! sorry :frowning:

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Like this? Do you have any other meetup postcard?
Or maybe you have some kind of postcard with a view of Italy! I would be very happy!

yes i sent it! do you yet have?
i have other meetup card you can see at my wall
i have carnival meetup 2021

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Yes, I already have it))) Can I have some other postcard?)

Do you still have this postcard? I like it very much!

yes i have

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Hello! Your postcard came to me!
Thank you very much for the beautiful postcard and lovely stamps! You have a nice stamp☺️
I wish you health, happiness and many smiles!
Thank you for swap!