3x5 inch postcards?

I’ve recently started carrying a Traveler’s Notebook in the passport size, and I realized that it would be nice to have a couple postcards in it so I can write one wherever I am. Here in the US, the minimum acceptable size for a postcard is 3 by 5 inches, which happens to be a really good size to carry in that notebook. But I’ve had trouble finding postcards to buy that are that small. I’m not interested in making any or having custom prints made, but does anyone online sell cards in this size? I don’t particularly care about the design. Thanks!

If you look online, particularly eBay, you will find these in numerous quantities. Also, if there are postcard shows in your area, many cards of this size can be found in $0.25 boxes. Another option is this: I happen to have a number of these cards available here. I don’t collect this size. If you wish, I can send these to you at no charge; just send me your address in a PM.

Just an observation and nothing more. Cards of this size are considered “vintage” cards. Not many on Postcrossing like getting vintage cards. If you are using them for another purpose, they are fine.

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Its an old size, but if you are artistic I’d suggest buying the vintage USPS issued ones on Ebay. They already have some preprinted postage but are otherwise blank, perfect for a drawing or sticker decoration. Write a message & address and its good to go!

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I have a bunch of older blank cards of this smaller size. Happy to send you some – PM me and let me know your address!

I also have some old smaller sized postcards that I’d love to send to you! Send me a message if you’re interested :relaxed:

Older unused postal cards and stamps may be purchased, generally at a discount, from stamp dealers.

Stamp dealers often have Ebay listings