31 October 2023 - Halloween meetup in Espoo

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Espoo
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Espoon kulttuurikeskus, Kulttuurinaukio 2, 02100 Espoo
:calendar: DATE: 31.10.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 16:30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Welcome to Halloween meetup in Espoo. We will start at 4:30 pm flexible. You may dress up to Halloween costume if you like, but it is not necessary. We will write Halloween postcards together anyway.
There is room for everybody who wants to come, but please sign up for meetup to sari.korpi[at]elisanet.fi and if you want to order meetup cards, please contact triin.peltoniemi[at]gmail.com no later than 8.10.

Tervetuloa Halloweenmiittiin Espooseen.

Aika: 31.10.2023 klo 16:30 alkaen joustavasti.
Paikka: Espoon kulttuurikeskus Tapiolassa.
Osoite: Kulttuurinaukio 2.
Pukeutuminen Halloweenasuun sallittua, muttei pakollista.

Kaikki mahtuvat varmasti mukaan, mutta ilmoittaudu silti miittiin osoitteeseen sari.korpi[at]elisanet.fi
ja tilaa miittikortit viimeistään 8.10.23 osoitteesta triin.peltoniemi[at]gmail.com

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miittikortit/ postcards for meetup




ищу все
на обмен эти, или пишите в сообщения

Hi @Alina13 what card would you like to receive?
Post between Finland and Russia dosn´t work, so we probably need to send them via Germany.

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Да. Через Германию

Хочу все. Три.

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я написалa тебе

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Hi, our Meetupcard are fantastic. Who will the first card direct swap with me? Greetings from Tanja (Berlin).

i can swap, will send you message

I’d like to swap for the black cat card.

My offers:


@BigJuice i will send you pm

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So nice cards! I would like to swap, please …the card with witch and the card with cat)))

Ищу обмен!!!

what card to you want @Yulia_86? all 3?

all 3

Good afternoon, who can I switch with? Very cool postcards!

I would like to swap.
Обменник - meet-up открытки – 50 фото | VK встречные
Обменник – 391 фото | VK обменник
Обменник. Видовые. – 26 фото | VK видовые

I want to exchange a postcard with a cat and pumpkins (№3). My postcards from meetings: Meeting (Встречные) — Яндекс Диск

@AnnaLev48 @Leedal @EKATERINA_KOTYA
i have sent you a private message, please answer so i can get your address. Meetups is tomorrow and i would like to send the cards out soon