30 September 2023 - Meetup in Tacoma, WA

I’ve been using Postcrossing for a few years, but this will be my first meetup! Excited to meet everyone! If there’s any kind of special card being made or if anyone has some WPD cards, I’d be happy to purchase a few from you. :slight_smile:


I will be there!

may have a large turnout, there were 27 at the olympia meeting, you might pass that total, i counted 15 yeses as of 8-12-23, will be there papadick42. papadick42 {horner}

Re: World Postcard Day official Postcrossing Cards (Winning Entry)

Hello Everyone!
Now that the WPD design Contest fiasco is over and there’s an official winning card, I’m thinking of ordering some cards which I will also include you! Hopefully there will be enough of us to hit a minimum order that will not cost us more than $0.25 per card.
If you all give me an idea on how many you want to order, I can start working on it.

Here’s the winning card:

Also, I know it’s still early but we’re still waiting for @saoirse253 if @cherrytempest can start ordering our meet-up card. Keep us posted!


if you are willing to order 15 of them for me i would appreciate it, please let me know what i owe you (either her e or in a PM) so i can be sure to have enough cash on me to cover it i would be really grateful.

im still also interested in ordering “official” meetup cards if they are designed as well.

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I would like to purchase 10 meetup cards if there will be any available. Thank you, Burnzi53

Would love to purchase 20 of the meetup cards, if possible! Thanks! :pray:

@saoirse253 @cherrytempest Hi Rhonda and Melissa, I’m also doing an order of the new PC design through VistaPrint. Let me know if anyone is also interested. I’m coordinating through the Puget Sound Postcrossers FB group. :blush: :


Do we plan to have the official World Postcard Day card or another variation? I ordered the official card already. Our Olympia meet up card artist did submit a card for the World Postcard Day contest. Maybe she would agree to let us use that Art?

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Thank you all, for the questions about postcards. I have a question in to our Finance Office to see if we’re able to sell cards. Normally as a public library we don’t allow selling of things in our meeting spaces but I think it will be okay since it is only optional for participants and not a requirement. I’m hoping to have an answer when I’m back on Tuesday. Once I get the green light then it would be cool to see which cards folks want to have available to purchase.

I marked it on my calendar, and hope to be there! :slight_smile: -Jill

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I am hoping to come to this meetup!


I plan on attending , please reserve five cards if available.


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Hello everyone!
The official World Postcard Day postcard (see thread #23 above for the image) has arrived from the printers and ready to go.
Sadly, I won’t be able to distribute these cards at the meet-up because I’m no longer attending the event due to schedule conflicts.

I’m giving these cards away for FREE with a limit of 15 per person, just reimburse me for the s/h of $3.00. Along with these cards, I will also throw in a couple of FREE Global (African daisy) postage stamps (valued at $3.00 for 2)! You can then pre stamp or sign the cards and pre address them before you head out to the meet-up! It’s a win-win!
I can take Apple Pay or Venmo. PM or DM me for info.

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Is it too late to add to your World Postcard Day cards? I’m not sure if someone’s selling at the meetup. I’d like 10 please if they’ll be available.

I ordered 500, so there are plenty. I’ll put you down for 10, and I’ll have them for you at the meetup, unless you want them mailed. :grin:

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Hi. the cards are ready and they’re FREE! Just reimburse me for s/h of $3.00. I’ll also throw in a couple of Global stamps (valued at $1.50 each) in there absolutely FREE!
My Venmo is @Robert-Manuva

Don’t forget yo pm me back your mailing address!


Thanks! I don’t need them before the meetup. :slight_smile:

Great. I’ll see you then.

Looking forward to seeing so many of you there on the 30th. I did get the green light for cards to be sold at the event. It will be something you all do amongst yourselves that the library won’t help to manage. Thank you to those providing cards. Such a fun way to experience meet ups, especially this one for World Postcard Day.