30 March 2024 - Easter meeting with Alpaca's and Sweet Tea Workum

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Workum, friesland
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Alpaca World Friesland, Slinkewei 7, 8711 HC Workum
:calendar: DATE: 30 March 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:30- 17:15
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:


Meeting at Slinkewei 7 at Workum.
The accommodation is called Alpaca World Friesland.

We start at 14:30 and end at about 17:15/ 17:30

The programme will be the following:
14:30 start with a meet&greet with the Alpaca’s.
After we have been amazed by these beautiful and funny animals, we’ll have a SWEET tea.
A sweet tea involves mostly SWEET snacks (so it’s different from a High Tea)
There is lots of tea, coffee, fresh water and fun people :slight_smile:

The costs of this afternoon are 30,- (pay in advance via Tikkie)

Trainstation of Workum is at 3,5km - carpool can be arranged in the appgroup.

There will be meetup cards (see below) (pay in advance via Tikkie)

Organisation: Pia and Gooitske

Please send your mobile name and number in Whatsapp to [phonenumber removed by moderator. Please share private information like phone numbers privately] (Gooitske)
Then i’ll add you to the communication group.
If you’re new to postcrossing meetups - please let me know.

Maximum number of people: 25

  1. Pia
  2. Gooitske
  3. Bo
  4. Sanny
  5. Cindy
  6. Annerie
  7. Lucia Vera
  8. Monique (creamootje)
  9. Geertruida
  10. Amy de Boer
  11. Lucie
  12. Mirjam
  13. Corine
  14. Annalies
  15. SuZanne
  16. Anja
  17. Geert
  18. Willy
  19. Hindriktje
  20. Marianne (en Simon)
  21. Anique
  22. Marta
  23. Anita
  24. Malena
  25. Christel

Backup list:
2. Alida ovb

:point_up: Please make sure to read the Meetup Guidelines before signing up for a meetup.


Please add me ovb :blush:

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I would like to swap this nice alpaca :blush:

Ooooh :astonished:

I love Alpakas
Would someone trade such a card with me?
I will be in Liechtenstein for the meetup on March 2nd and will send a card from there.

Please add me ovb.

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Count me in please ovb

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Wat leuk, ik kom ook graag, maar mag het ovb? Ik moet even nakijken of ik die dag wel kan.

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Hello dear Postcrossers!
I would be very interested in swap the wonderful card.
My offers:

Enjoy your meeting and thank you in advance.

Great! I would love to go!!

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Hi Pia and Gooitske, please put me on the list OVB for now. I have to figure out how to come in Workum.

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Count me in. Plaese together with Amydeboer. Thanks

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Count me in!

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Ik kom graag. Maar even ovb. Ik heb een vraag gesteld :kissing_heart:

Nieuwe gebruiker, nog nooit meetup geweest, kun je mij OVB op de lijst zetten? Ik moet even afwachten of we dan niet op een festival zitten (want dat gaat altijd voor, is werk).

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Oh ja, hier ben ik erg graag bij!

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Please, count me in :llama::llama::llama::heavy_heart_exclamation:
Suzanne ~ HippieHeart ~ Groningen

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Ik kom graag! Leuk.
Groetjes, Anjq

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Helaas kan ik niet, sta open voor een swap. Tegen een kaart uit Deventer, van een meetup diezelfde dag.

Ik en Hindriktje komen ook graag

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Superleuk Willy en Hindriktje! Lang niet gezien!
Stuur je me nog even een whatsapp met jullie beider nummers? Dan houden we gemakkelijker contact in de groep. [phonenumber removed by moderator. Please share private information like phone numbers privately]

Bedankt alvast,
Groetjes Gooitske