30/F/US Seeking US Penpal (Long Letters :) )

Hey there! I am looking for a couple of new like minded penpals to correspond via longer letters regularly (1-2 letters a month).

I would love a penpal to be open to discussing topics such as…

  • Life in general
  • Mental health (I struggle with anxiety for example)
  • Religion (I am no longer religious, but I do like discussing different philosophies)
  • Current events (I am open minded)
  • Books (maybe we can have some book discussions?)
  • History (maybe sharing interesting things?)
  • Mail art is also fun :slight_smile:
  • Open to “strange” topics

I am looking for friendships- I have a few very committed penpals and this form of connecting helps me with my anxiety.

About me…

  • Married for 12 years
  • Mother of 3- Elementary to infant
  • Work in software support (mostly from home)
  • I enjoy creating vintage style postcards and mail art…or literature based
  • I am finally reading the books on my TBR list!
  • I enjoy podcasts

If interested, write me a message. :slight_smile:

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I would love to become your penpal!