30 April 2022 - 11th International London Meetup

Count me in

@constanze please add me for the April2022 MeetUp

Smiles, Seaview

I’m there!

hi would like to attend

Hi Constanze,
Many thanks for organising this. Please would you add my name to the list?
Thank you.
Susan (saoirse0)

Hello, I would be interested in attending.

Would you please ad my name to the list.

Many Thanks.

I have had my operation so I will be there! :grinning:

I would very much like to attend the meet up please

Hi Constanze,
I’d like to attend too please.
Thanks you,
Susan (saoirse0)

Please add me too!

Id like to come along too, thanks :slight_smile:

Good morning, I’d really like to attend too :slight_smile: Jonny

I just noticed my name is on the list twice! Please note I’ll only be there once this year! :parrot: (I couldn’t find a toucan emoji!!!)

Really looking forward to the next London Meet-up @constanze

I would like to attend, so please add me to the list - Wendy

Count me in!

I wonder what we will do this year?

Hi! I already have plans for the afternoon but please add my name in case I can join the morning activity if logistics permit it :slight_smile:

I’m interested, if it’s disability friendly. Or maybe join for lunch and postcards? Steph x

Please count me in! This would be my first meetup, and I am very excited about it! :slight_smile: Thank you, @constanze! :smiley: