3 July 2021 Komárno - the city of three rivers

:world_map: Komárno, Slovakia
:pushpin: Čárda pri Váhu
:alarm_clock: 3. july 2021; 11:00
:page_facing_up: Theme meetup - Komárno, the city of three rivers.
10,00-11,00 - Meeting in N-café.
11.00-11.30 - transfer to the berth of the ship Pluto
13.00 meetup in Čárda pri Váhu

Hi postcrossers!
After a one-year break, I invite you again to Komárno in southern Slovakia. Komárno is a town in the immediate vicinity of which the rivers Váh, Nitra and Danube merge. So come and see him from the deck of a sightseeing ship.
Price list:

  • adult 9 €
  • child 6 €
    We will meet in a cafe in the city center, I will be there from 10.00. How to find N-café?
    You will go up the stairs in front of the train station, go around the fountain, next to the supermarket, pharmacy, hospital area you will come to a traffic light. You go straight and go straight next to the theater until you reach the end of the sidewalk. You turn left and just before the traffic light is the terrace you are looking for - N-café.

From there, by car (one of the participants will be able to take someone to their car, otherwise we will use the local taxi service) to the pier at Vážský bridge, where a boat tour will begin. I leave her overhead to the experts from the ship, so I can’t tell you what you will see along the way. :wink:

After the show, we will be waiting for lunch and a meeting of postcrossers in Čárda near Váh. Who would like to come right there, you can get there as follows: Just before entering the Vážšky bridge (at the end of Komárno, direction Nové Zámky) turn right and along the bank of the Váh you come to the boat of St. Barbora / Borbála, from where our sightseeing ship Pluto will go. If you just want to come to the meeting, you will go around this boat and about 120 m will be Čárda pri Váhu.

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Meetup postcards:

1, EkaBalaskova
2, Andy1950
3, PaliSKo
4, Latee
5. Zuzice
6. Natalka314
7, LeeHill


Ahoj, Eka!
This sounds like a great plan! I wonder if I may be able / allowed to travel abroad by July…

Hi Michelle,
I would be honored to welcome you in Komárno!
The measures are being relaxed, but we will see what it will look like in July. Therefore, everything is still uncertain and maybe the whole thing will remain only in the level of “I had a nice plan”. And maybe only domestic, Slovak postcrossers will be able to participate … I am watching the measures and I ask the “higher powers” to allow me to organize this meeting. Postcrossing is a matter of my heart, it has helped me a lot in difficult times, so I need to do something for the community as well.
I believe in the early vision!

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Greetings to the distant USA!
As I write everywhere, the meetup is still my big dream, because we will see what anticovide measures will come and, in addition, whether my health will not tell me that I have to go to the hospital, because this is also (albeit the least pleasant, but still) an alternative.
Please send me your e-mail address, but I will be happy to send you some postcards in Komárno. Warm greetings and stay safe!

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I would like a postcard from your meeting. With sculpture. Who can you trade with?

Hello. Send me your address, please: e.balaskova@gmail.com

Hello! I would be happy to swap one or two cards too! :blush: I can offer cards from the meetup in Stuttgart, Germany (by the way, it will take place on the same day as yours :wink: )

hello I am from Tianjin,China. Could we swap? thank you

I want the postcard from meetup to my collection. Instead of I can send you a postcard from all-Ukrainian meetup, it would be on 17th July.
Waiting on your reply!
Have a nice day, Olena

Send mé Your address, please. e.balaskova@gmail.com Your postcards from Komárno meetup are ready.

Many thanks to Zuzana (zuzulik) and everyone who signed the beautiful postcard at the meeting! I’m sure you had a great time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, I am glad you received the card, yes, we had a great time :slight_smile: