3.27,2021 Postcrossing Hefei Meetup

:world_map:  PROVINCE:ANHUI
:world_map:  CITY: HEFEI
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME:3.27,2021 10:00am
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN: * Enjoy University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) cherry blossoms, Signing meeting cards, Taking photos.

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Hello! I really like both of your postcards. Could we exchange with you?

I am sorry that I have not seen this message until now. I am a member of this group, so if you are still interested in exchanging this postcard, I am very willing to exchange with you. :slight_smile:

Hello! thank you very much for responding. I will be happy to exchange with you! Tell me what kind of postcards you like - I’ll show you what I have

I’m glad to exchange postcards with you. :slight_smile:I prefer the postcard about illustrations or cityscapes, but I prefer the process of exchanging postcards more. This is the first time I’ve ever exchanged postcards with someone on the forum.

Tell me, please, what kind of illustrations do you like?and urban landscapes - hand-drawn or you can also take photos?

I prefer hand-painted street scenes and illustrations about fairy tales or history. Thank you for asking me about my preferences. You let me feel the warmth of sending postcards to each other.Please let me know any preference you have for the contents of postcards or stamps.:grinning:


, look what you found… Mumitrolli (if you are interested-there are a few more postcards), an illustration for the fairy tale by A. Green “Scarlet Sails”, two illustrations for the “Knights of the Round Table” about King Arthur and for the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” by Carroll. A few postcards with the streets of cities and another fabulous one…

I love postcards from postcrosser meetings (I live in a small town and I do not have such meetings - I am happy for people), on the topic of mail, autumn and national postcards (costumes, life, life, beliefs, etc.)

Do you interested swapping meetup card?
I can offer you this from taiwan meetup
let me know

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I am interested in this meeting card. Let’s swap.

I am interested in this meeting card. Let’s swap.

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Hi! Many greetings from Germany. Sorry to sneak in. I just saw your beautiful Meetup postcards. Any chance to swap? :slight_smile:

Hi. Is it possible to show your offer? Which postcard would you like to swap?

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Sure, just let me know what you like and I will send you photos with my matching postcards. :slight_smile: Actually, I like both Meetup postcards a lot. :sweat_smile:

OMG! I want to swap with you :heart::heart::heart: Write PM to you)

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My Wish List:
*Fire Fighting theme
*Politics/Historical events
*Cars/ Planes
*UNESCO world cutural heritage
*Marvel & DC
*British Royal family
*Harry Potter series
*Maximum postcards

Sure, i can swap two if possible.

Hi! I would also like a card with flowers from the meeting

Hi Sure pls show the offer of your postcard with my wish list above. I may choose one.