28th January 2023 - Łódź Meeting

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE:
Restauracja Pankejk
Centrum Handlowe Manufaktura
Pankejk Łódź
ul. Ogrodowa 19a/BR10, 91-065 Łódź
:calendar: DATE: 28. 01. 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:30 local time
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We would like to invite you to the Postcrossing meeting in Łódź.
The meet-up will take place on January 28th 2023 in Pankejk, Manufaktura.
Address: Ogrodowa 19a, 91-065 Łódź

The meeting will take place in one of the restaurants in the Manufaktura shopping center where we will sign postcards and have some lunch!
There are also 4 postcards designed for the meeting. Two with city wievs and two with Chinese New Year.
Postcards could be sent with matching stamp!



I will be glad to exchange ))

Hello, I would love to swap, please DM me :slight_smile:

If somebody want to swap, I’ll be really grateful!

I would like to exchange for this card! My postcards: Обменник – 294 Bilder | VK

Thank you @tajaaa for your card. :smiley:

Hi, can i swap?
I can offer cards from our meet up
or swap album

Hi, due to the war, Polish Post Office suspended sending mails to Russia. So, swapping with Russia is impossible.

if possible i can swap through my friend from Belarus.

Hej, czy ktoś ma te kartki na wymiankę? Nie było mi po drodze do łodzi :frowning:

tak, nadal mam :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:
I would love to swap anyone of these meetup postcards!
My offer is from Rio de Janeiro Meetup:

The meetup will be next saturday (feb 11), here.

Please contact me, if you are interested :blush:

Thank you :blossom:

It’s better I’m writing in English, because my Polish writing isn’t really good. :smile: I found these topic and fell in love with these wonderful MeetUpcards and after a lot of thinking I decided to ask if it’s possible to arrange a swap. If someone of you can swap please contact me due PM/DM and we can talk about all. By bylam naprawde szczesliwa. :revolving_hearts::bouquet: