279 days travelled card

Hello! I’ve received a postcard which has sent out on 19th September 2020, but when I registered it, it turned out that it was sent on January 2020. Maybe it’s a bug?

No, it looks as if the user drew your address in January but only posted the card in September. It happens.

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Or maybe the user sent a postcard in January and sent another in September because the first one didn’t arrive.


Or maybe the sender wasn’t able to send out cards due to Covid restrictions …


And the account was probably closed immediately after the card was registered.
Somebody must have wanted to pay his “card debts” first.
That’s commendable :+1:


It’s also possible that the account was already deleted before the card arrived. It happened to me once that I registered a card from a deleted account, out of over 2,500 cards. On my very first received one!

I didn’t know that you can register a card if the account is already closed.
If that is possible, then of course it can be.

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How did you know it was sent out on 19 Sep 2020? Based on cancellation date?

Maybe the sender already put your card in the post office box on January but it was processed only on September because of lockdown and chaotic situation in the first quarter of 2020.

I have some tags from China on January that still not arrived until today :frowning:

Some of the covid-delayed mail is just now being delivered. I received an official card last month that was mailed from India in February. The member actually said in her message that she hoped the card would eventually make it through all the mail restrictions and get to me. And it finally did after 237 days. :grinning: