27 June 2021,The 24th Beijing Postcrossing Meetup

:world_map: PROVINCE: Beijing
:world_map: CITY: Beijing
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Seven bar
:calendar: DATE: 2021-6-27
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Writing Meetup Card


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Hello to Beijing,
I think these Meetup cards are wonderful. Is there anyone who would write one of these cards to me? I like to trade with German cards.
I would be very happy.

Hello, I’m Chang and have participated in this meet-up today. I would be happy to write to you~ You may contact me to choose the card you would like to recieve~

Many greetings from Germany! I would love to receive the Jasmine Flower postcard. :heart_eyes: Any chance to swap?

I am sorry but one days notice for your meeting is not enough time to get it added to the Postcrossing calendar.