27 January 2024 - WISCONSIN MEETUP - Postcrossing With My Gnomies for my 55th Birthday

I just joined Postcrossing and have no clue what I’m doing. LOL- Looking forward to this meet up.

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Absolutely. I continue to monitor this page for a headcount.

GREAT!!! We welcome all experience levels!!!

Marvelous! I have 75 total MeetUp Cards so I’ll have plenty.

Thank you. I look forward to meeting you. Not sure about the display case. Right now we will just go with the advertising on Postcrossing and if I do a MeetUp next year I can consider the display case. I need to get one under my belt first. SMILE!

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I will not be able to travel to the Meet-Up.
Hope everything goes well.
Maybe next time.


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Oh that is so disappointing. If I have extra surprises I can mail them to you. SMILE!

Update two of us planning on attending. Do you want/ need anything for the celebration? I have Plates napkins and utensils if needed.

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Hi!!! I have plates and napkins and utensils for cake. SMILE! I’m going to pick up some balloons. I have plastic table cloths also to fit the color scheme on the meet up. Just bring yourself and all your postcard stuff. I have some fun things to give away but more than that I hope to make some new friends and see some incredible postcards. WELCOME!

I thought I replied but I don’t see it here. I’m super bummed you are not attending. If I have some extra goodies after the event, I’ll mail you some as a thank you for wanting to attend.

I’d love 10-12 Meetup cards, please save some for me!! I hope to see you all tomorrow–very excited! Hoping I can get there by 11 but might be a little later!

GREAT! I only have 100 meet up cards so I have a max of 8 per person. I’m very sorry. I didn’t realize that these would be something someone would want that many of.

Hello- Looking forward to today’s event. I wanted to let you know that my mother is going to attend as well. See you soon.


Thank you so much for hosting this lovely Meetup today, RuAnn!! It was so fun! I’m wishing you a very happy birthday, and hope to see you again! It was great to see everyone else there as well! You put a lot of work into this Meetup and I really appreciate how nice you made it!

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