27 april 2024 - Postcrossing meeting Antwerpen

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Antwerpen
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Main hall in the central trainstation
:calendar: DATE: 27th of april 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10h
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello dear postcrossing friends

We are organising a new postcrossing meeting on saterday 27th of april 2024 in the beautiful city of Antwerpen. Welcome to Antwerp | Visit Antwerpen

We will come together at 10h in the main hall of the central trainstation near the ticket offices. We will split the group in 2 just like last year. The first 25 people leaves the trainstation first. This year we want to show you a different side of the city instead of the traditional streets and shops. For this we will have to take the tram because our first stop is the red star line museum(Millions of people, one dream | Red Star Line Museum) In the museumshop you will find some nice postcards about the red star line. Our next stop is the MAS museum(Welcome | Museum MAS). In the shop there are several different postcards. After we bought our postcards we will go to the top of the MAS museum where we have a great view over the city. Back down we will continue our way to Het steen(Het Steen | Visit Antwerpen). At the tourist information center you can buy a souvenir or just walk around het steen. Then we will continue our way. The next shop is a little bit of walking but we’ll pass some nice buildings like the vleeshuismuseum, the town hall on the marketplace(where you also have to the statue of Brabo). After we bought our postcards in the last shop we will go to the restaurant or the cathedral depending on how much time we have left. Around 13h we go to the restaurant to sign our cards, eat, talk and have fun. People can also come direct to the restaurant at 13h if they want to skip the morning. Let us know when you come directly to the restaurant. The restaurant is the same as last year:
Oude Koornmarkt 28
2000 Antwerpen
You can check the restaurant and menu here https://www.restaurant-verona.be
Don’t forget to bring cash because we can’t pay seperate. You will pay to me or Lara.

Antwerpen is easy to reach by train, bus, car and even by plane. Here is some more info to park your car Slim naar Antwerpen

We have 3 meetingcards. Here are the designs:

Meetingcard A

Meetingcard C

The price of the meetingcards are 0,50€/each. It is possible to recieve them before the meeting. Let us know if you want to recieve them at home or at the meeting.

Prices for sending the meetingcards at home

Sending within Belgium
until 6 postkaarten-1,43- 44g ( one stamp)
10 postkaarten- 2,86- 80g ( two stamps)
20 postkaarten - 4,29 -150 g (three stamps)

From 20 postcards
Bpost package 5 euro to a pick up point.
Bpost package to your home 6.65 euro

Sending inside Europe
Bpostpackage will be 11,40 euro

The meetingcards will be send when we recieved your payment.

We kindly ask you to pay the meetingcards(and sending costs) before the 17th of march 2024

We are looking forward to meet you :slight_smile:
Mieke & Lara

Participants (max. 50) FULL

  1. Mamiielariie(BE) 40xA - 40xB - 40xC PAID
  2. Mieke1985(BE) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC PAID
  3. Jeke(BE) 5xA - 10xB - 5xC PAID
  4. Juytters(BE) 45xA - 45xB - 20xC
  5. NancyV(BE) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC PAID
  6. Evike86(BE) 20xA - 20xB - 10xC PAID β€”> Resto
  7. Soundstorm(NL) 13xA - 25xB
  8. Natasjake(BE) 20xA - 20xB - 20xC β€”> Resto PAID
  9. elena_gloverr(BE) 15xA - 15xB PAID
  10. Schlafmohn(DE) 1xA - 1xB - 1xC PAID
  11. Minimohn(DE) no cards
  12. Opec(BE) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC PAID
  13. Mar127(NL) 10xA - 10xB - 1xC PAID
  14. chrisskywalker(DE) 15xA - 15xB PAID
  15. Irmatje(NL) 5xA - 5xB PAID
  16. KAS(NO) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC PAID
  17. Friend of KAS(NO) no cards
  18. Robinchen(DE) no cards
  19. OliZil(BE) 5xA 5xB 5xC PAID
  20. Elbe(DE) 20xA - 20xB PAID
  21. Weselfee79(DE) PAID
  22. tani(BE) 10xA - 10xB PAID
  23. EdithK(NL) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC PAID
  24. Jan - partner Edith(NL) no cards
  25. Hermelina63(NL) 5xA - 5xB
  26. Lukkyluke(BE) 21xA PAID
  27. bencoste(BE) 15xA - 5xB - 5xC PAID
  28. TatjanaVdd(BE) 10xB 10xC PAID
  29. Caterp1llar(NL)
  30. Kathleen1963(BE) 20xA - 20xB - 20xC PAID
  31. Its_Dunnies(NL) 6xA - 6xB - 6xC
  32. Postsmurfin(BE) 5xA - 5xB PAID
  33. Sinnika(FI) 7xA - 7xB - 7xC PAID
  34. Vanreth(BE) 10xB PAID
  35. Popomus(BE) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC
  36. isagv(DE) 10xA - 10xB PAID
  37. Husband isagv(DE) no cards
  38. Imagien(BE)
  39. Ineke54(NL) 15xA - 15xB - 1xC PAID
  40. LeishaCamden(NO) 5xA - 5xB - 5xC
  41. Miranda78(NL) 5xA - 5xB - 5xC PAID
  42. Minttuinkeri(FI) 60xB PAID
  43. schrizzo(BE) 5xA - 5xB - 5xC PAID
  44. riek1955(NL) 10xA - 10xB PAID
  45. Pabalie(BE) 10xA - 10xB - 10xC PAID



Leuk! Ik kom graag. Zet mij maar op de lijst!


Ik kom zet mij maar in de lijst


Count me in


Ik doe graag mee,


Ik kom graag :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Yes, please I would love to come


Me and MiniMohn will try to join :smiley::smiley:


Hallo Mieke,

Please count me in :slight_smile:


@Niso maybe you like to join also

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I like to come


Ik kom heel graag vanuit het verre Berlijn :grinning:


I would love to attend, it would be my first meetup in Belgium.


Ik wil ook graag naar de meeting komen.


hallo Lara, ik kom graag af. wil je mij inschrijven aub?


Would love to join, and to bring one 1 non-postcrosser with me! :grinning:


I would love to come to Antwerp again as well


I would love to come, too! :slight_smile:


Ik kom graag af :blush:


@Mieke1985 put @ferro on the list

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