26th,Dec,2021 Meet-up in Taizhou,Zhejiang Province,China

:world_map: PROVINCE: Zhejiang 浙江省
:world_map: CITY: Jiaojiang,Taizhou 台州市椒江区
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: The cafe named UNO in East Business District,Jiaojiang 椒江区东商务区UNO咖啡馆
:calendar: DATE: 26th,Dec,2021 2021年12月21日
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1:00PM—3:00PM 下午1点至3点
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
After we have lunch together, we finish the Meet—up while tasting coffee in the cafe.



you have copied the first card from the meeting of the netherlands 27 november

We changed the Christmas picture to this one.

Although there is no Christmas in China, the Christmas atmosphere is still very strong at the end of December.

2.椒江区(台州话:Tsiao-kông K’ü)是浙江省台州市的一个区。,位于浙江省沿海中部台州湾入口处,旧称“海门”,是台州的主城区。1981年建市,因与江苏省南通市海门市同名而改称椒江,以椒江横贯市域而名,为浙江省第一个县级市。椒江历史悠久,旅游资源丰富,其中解放一江山岛战役纪念地是全国百家红色旅游经典景区,台州海洋世界是中国最高的、浙江省最大的海洋馆。、

Jiaojiang District (Taizhou Dialect: tsiao-k ô ng k’ü) is a district of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province., Located at the entrance of Taizhou Bay in the middle of the coast of Zhejiang Province, formerly known as “Haimen”, it is the main urban area of Taizhou. Founded in 1981, it was renamed Jiaojiang because it has the same name as Haimen City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. It is named after Jiaojiang, which runs across the city. It is the first county-level city in Zhejiang Province. Jiaojiang has a long history and rich tourism resources. Among them, the memorial of the liberation of Yijiangshan Island campaign is one of the 100 classic red tourism scenic spots in China, and Taizhou ocean world is the highest aquarium in China and the largest aquarium in Zhejiang Province.

3.Plum blossom cake is a street food familiar to many people near the sea. It looks like plum blossom. It’s a great fun to stand in front of the stall selling plum blossom cake and watch the making of plum blossom cake. There are many plum blossom shaped lattices in a large mold. The flour juice is poured down, and then the stuffing is added one by one. Like a trick, it becomes fragrant and steaming fresh meat, bean paste, sesame, vegetable lard plum cake.


Egg mixed with ginger juice and walnut is a big snack in Jiaojiang. Ginger juice and walnut egg are delicious snacks. They are also nutritious and nourishing. They have many effects, such as dispersing cold, stopping vomiting, eliminating phlegm, strengthening spleen and so on.


It was also a surprise to us that we replaced the Christmas picture above.

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