26 June 2021 - Meetup moomin trolls in moscow

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Moscow
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Anticafe CheckPoint
:calendar: DATE: 26.06.2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 13.00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: We will communicate and sign special cards dedicated to Moomin Trolls. It will be fun and cozy.
If you like these postcards and want to find an exchange.
Please write messages here in the subject of the meeting. If the participants are interested in your suggestions, they will contact you.


Hello the participants!

These Moomin Meet Up Cards are so cute! :two_hearts:
If possible, I would like to receive a Moomin postcard that swims in the sea.

My offer

Stay healthy! @pappo :herb:

:desert_island: Edit: Swap was arranged by a kind participant.
Thank you @gjazh :two_hearts:


I would love to swap for these postcards - written and stamped.
I like the second one best but would be happy to swap for both. With the same or with different people.
I can offer a vast variety of postcards in return. No meetup cards though.

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If possible, I would love to receive one of these postcards.

My offer : Coralie Raphael’s albums | Flickr

Have a nice meeting !

Hello, I’d like to exchange two Meet up cards. They are so cute!
Here are the cards I can exchange, the Meet up cards in Shenzhen and Zhanjiang, China:

Добрый день, готовы на обмен

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Eva, hast du Karten mit den Sehenswürdigkeiten aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum? Wir könnten uns austauschen. Julia


Hello from China:)

I am interested to swap with this meetup pc
I can offer you Qingdao meetup cards:


Здравствуйте,а можно обменяться с вами открытками.

Soooo cute !!!
Are you interested in a swap with me?
I can offer Meetup cards of Shanghai China

Добрый день!
Очень хотелось бы поменяться на муми-троллей :slightly_smiling_face:
Предлагаю открытки со встречи посткроссеров в Штутгарте.

Всего доброго,


Евдокия, добрый день!
А у вас только откртыки со встерч в Штутгарте или есть и другие открытки, например, видовые немецкие или праздничные?

Добрый день! Да, есть другие. Напишу вам в ЛС.

Hi,Greetings from China
May I have an exchange with you about both cards?
my offer: Yu A 的相簿 | Flickr
some MEETUP cards included

I received the postcard today ! Thank you so much !! It’s so, so lovely !!!

Does anybody still moomin meet up card for swap?
I want written and stamped. Not signed.
If you want to swap, please dm me!
Thank you!!