25 JANUARY 2024 - MOSCOW - Panda! Go, Panda!

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Moscow
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Myasnitskaya str. 24 “Frank by Баста”
:calendar: DATE: 25.01.2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12.00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

The program of the meeting includes:
:teapot: tea party
:four_leaf_clover: lottery
:question: quiz

:star: Please note that the number of seats is limited. We have to reserve tables in the cafe, and it is impossible to invite more people!

If you have any questions, feel free to write to PM :love_letter:

Everyone can write in private messages before January 20 to attend the event, and they will be included in the list.

The postcrossing logo will not be used on the postcards.


Hi! I would like swap this postcard :slight_smile: i have this meetup

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Hello, I would like to exchange this postcard. I have many Meet Up cards from Hainan, China. If you are willing, you can contact and I can send you pictures to choose .

8 Going Booked out

I cannot see other members have joined this meeting but it says that it is already booked out.

Was there an opportunity for members on the forum to indicate interest in joining or was this meeting organised on another platform and so closed to forum members?

Postcrossing Team

Thank you for the feedback.
Sorry, but we sorted out the list of participants to the end and added them as applications were submitted (only those who will definitely be present, the cafe takes an advance payment for large companies). Everyone can write in private messages before January 20 to attend the event, and they will be included in the list.

How can we better arrange this information to avoid misunderstandings?

Forum participants are included in the list, we have it displayed as a photo below:

Sincerely, Polina

Hello! I don’t have the panda card. But I collect dragon postcards. Would you like 2 swap with me? My exchange cards are here Gallery.ru / Все альбомы пользователя tadrala

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I cannot see any responses in the messages where members have said they are coming or add them to the waiting list or any other message in the topic (except swap requests). It is very strange that the meeting is booked out but only has RSVP’s. This makes the Postcrossing Team feel that the meeting was organised elsewhere and only added here after it was booked out to comply with the logo usage rules on the meeting postcard.

Meetings organised on other platforms and already ‘full’ before being listed on our forum are not Postcrossing meetings. As such the use of the Postcrossing logo is not approved.

Postcrossing Team


Please accept our apologies, but a mistake has occurred, anyone can get to the meeting. The main condition is to register before January 20 (you need to make a reservation at the cafe). Everyone is invited to the meeting! We just didn’t understand how the “guests” button works.

But we understand the concerns of the site administration and we will not use the logo. Thank you for your time.

I’m really sorry if we’re inconveniencing you (My English is very poor and I use a translator)

Sincerely, Polina

Thank you for your reassurances.

Postcrossing Team

Okay, I’ve never used the massages function before so I’ll ask you to add to the list also here just in case :pray:t2:

Sorry, but the list of participants has already been submitted. The post states that anyone can sign up before January 20th. Unfortunately, you are too late. But I will be glad to see you at the next meetings.

Hi!I would like to ask if this card is available for swap!I’m ready interested in this one!

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