23 September 2023 - Romy Schneiders 85th Birthday Meeting in Berlin

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Berlin
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: https://scheune-restaurant.de/
:calendar: DATE: 23.09.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:


I would like to organise and hold a meeting in honour of the wonderful actress Romy Schneider, and what occasion fits better than her birthday which is a saturday this year :star_struck: We will meet on September 23rd at 12 o’clock in the restaurant Scheune (link to it is above) and write and stamp cards together.

I am still working on meeting cards and will show them later here for you to order. If there are any changes of plan, I will let you know in the thread.

If you want to be with us please write it in the thread. There will be place for maximum 20 persons.


  1. @NOE6ACV – Anja
  2. @chrisskywalker – Holger
  3. @sthiede68 – Stephan
  4. @sthiede68 +1
  5. @packrat – Anne
  6. @packrat +1
  7. @TOM336 - Eva
  8. @Tarane - Michèle
  9. @stancy_starlight - Konstanze
  10. @AnKaBeGu - Anja
  11. @phasin - Christiane
  12. @Ich_bin_Berliner - Michael

Waiting list:


Such a great meetup occasion. What a pity that it’s so far away. I’m quite sure that I cannot make it, unfortunately. I would have been the perfect meetup participant: My Grandpa’s cousin is Romy Schneiders grandma :slight_smile: Really, no joke!


Awesome, your Grandpa’s cousin was Magda Schneider?? I really didn’t see such a comment coming :heart_eyes: Brilliant!

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Oh no, I made a mistake - my grandpa’s cousin is Romy Schneider’s grandma. Rosa Albach-Retty is the name in our family tree that my uncle wrote down there :wink:
(So I’ll edit my first post and change “mother” to “grandmother” now.)


Still, awesome story. :raising_hand_woman:t3::+1::wink:


Bitte in die Liste eintragen .
Danke , Eva !

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Hallo, ich würde mich gerne auf die Liste setzen lassen😊

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Ich komme gerne :slight_smile:

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ich wäre auch sehr gerne dabei!!! :slight_smile:

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