23 September 2023 - Romy Schneiders 85th Birthday Meeting in Berlin

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Berlin
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: https://scheune-restaurant.de/
:calendar: DATE: 23.09.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:


I would like to organise and hold a meeting in honour of the wonderful actress Romy Schneider, and what occasion fits better than her birthday which is a saturday this year :star_struck: We will meet on September 23rd at 12 o’clock in the restaurant Scheune (link to it is above) and write and stamp cards together.

I am still working on meeting cards and will show them later here for you to order. If there are any changes of plan, I will let you know in the thread.

If you want to be with us please write it in the thread. There will be place for maximum 20 persons.


  1. @NOE6ACV – Anja
  2. @chrisskywalker – Holger
  3. @sthiede68 – Stephan
  4. @sthiede68 +1
  5. @packrat – Anne
  6. @Hein - Matthias
  7. @TOM336 - Eva
  8. @Tarane - Michèle
  9. @stancy_starlight - Konstanze
  10. @AnKaBeGu - Anja
  11. @phasin - Christiane
  12. @Ich_bin_Berliner - Michael
  13. @elfelina - Anke
  14. @Rita25 - Rita
  15. @Cheska - Karin
  16. @Freyart - Freya
  17. @Tiger811 - Rainer
  18. @BerlinMoni - Monika
  19. @SylviaAugustin - Sylvia
  20. @SylviaAugustin +1

Waiting list:


Such a great meetup occasion. What a pity that it’s so far away. I’m quite sure that I cannot make it, unfortunately. I would have been the perfect meetup participant: My Grandpa’s cousin is Romy Schneiders grandma :slight_smile: Really, no joke!


Awesome, your Grandpa’s cousin was Magda Schneider?? I really didn’t see such a comment coming :heart_eyes: Brilliant!

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Oh no, I made a mistake - my grandpa’s cousin is Romy Schneider’s grandma. Rosa Albach-Retty is the name in our family tree that my uncle wrote down there :wink:
(So I’ll edit my first post and change “mother” to “grandmother” now.)


Still, awesome story. :raising_hand_woman:t3::+1::wink:


Bitte in die Liste eintragen .
Danke , Eva !

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Hallo, ich würde mich gerne auf die Liste setzen lassen😊

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Ich komme gerne :slight_smile:

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ich wäre auch sehr gerne dabei!!! :slight_smile:

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Ach wie schade, ich wäre auch gern dabei, kann aber leider nicht an dem Tag.

Ich würde gern teilnehmen.
I would like to attend. :slight_smile:

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Guten Tag - bitte mich auch eintragen - bin gern dabei
Danke und einen schönen Tag Rita

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Here are the meeting cards @packrat Anne and I put together. Thank you for your help here again, Anne.

Card No 1

Card No 2

Costs will be 30 cents per card + porto, who will want them sent to beforehand.

Orders please below. Thank you.


If anyone wants to prepare his own meeting card it would be nice to present them here for all to order.

Ich hätte gerne jeweils 15 Stück von jeder Karte, bitte.

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ich hätte gerne von beiden Karten jeweils 15 Stück. Gerne vorab.

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Tolle Karten, Dankeschön @NOE6ACV und @packrat :relaxed:

Könntet Ihr bei der ersten Karte noch berichtigen, dass es auch Romy Schneider‘s heißt, mit Apostroph?

Ich nehme bitte von der engl. Karte (oben) 20 und von der dt. Karte 10 Stück. Gerne vorab zuschicken.

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Der Apostroph geht mit in den Druck :wink:

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I would love to swap for both meetup cards. Anyone interested in swapping with me?

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Please send me your address via private message.