23 Jun 2023 meetup in Changzhou, CHINA

:world_map: CITY: CHANGZHOU
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: No.299 Huayuan St., 14F Wujin Wanda Centre, Hutang Town, Changzhou, China
:calendar: DATE: 23 Jun 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00-16:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

  1. Introduce the illustrators.
  2. Chat and write cards.

Hello postcrossers! Is someone interested in swap? I can offer some meet- up cards from St.Petersburg or anything from my swap- album Anmelden | VK

hello. I love this postcards. I would like to receive it. Maybe someone wants to exchange? Here is my exchange site https://postcards.framework.by/

Greetings from Russia!
I would really like to swap for this beautiful card!


Please PM me if you can swap, here’s my offer album (if this link doesn’t work, here’s second one - Майины карточки | Обменник – 80 Bilder | VK)

Unfortunately this meeting postcard using the Postcrossing logo does NOT comply with the logo usage rules

One of the rules of usage says: DON’T Put the logo on a red or blue background

See the User Manual Page 2 and 3 in the Logo User Kit for examples of allowed and not allowed colours and other elements etc.

You need to change the position of the logo on this card please.

Deleting the image from the forum does not mean that the postcard is allowed to be used. We would need a reassurance that it is altered or is withdrawn from use in that case.
Please follow the logo rules.

Postcrossing Team

Any updates on the logo issues and questions I asked you?

Please answer.

Postcrossing Team

It’s not a postcard, it’s a poster.

The Postcrossing Logo rules say: Do not put the logo on a blue or red background.

Usage of the logo applies to any usage on any item, so a poster is also governed by those rules.

The use of Postcrossing logo is NOT approved on this poster because it is on a blue background.

If you had answered my questions I asked before your meeting there would have been time to change the position of the Postcrossing Logo on your poster.

Postcrossing Team

i have it.i can change with you!

i like this two cards!