23.-24.September 2022 - Geocrossing Meeting in Kassel

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Kassel / Hessen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
:calendar: DATE: 23.-24.9.2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 16:00

:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: We discovered in the Handmade RR that many of us share another hobby besides Postcrossing: Geocaching! So we got the idea of organizing a Geocrossing Meeting. The focus of this meeting will be at getting to know each other and to find some geocaches, but of course also to write cards. Neverless we ask you not to bring too many cards to sign because the focus won’t be on signing/stamping cards.

23.9.2022 16:00: We’ll meet for the Geocaching event at the Pagode in the “Chinese village” Mulang.
Link to the Geocaching event

24.9.2022 11:00: We’ll meet again in a meeting room at the hotel Tagungen – Gästehaus Sonnenhof Kassel (sonnenhof-ks.de). They also have a nice big terrace that we could use at nice weather. We can book the coffee and water all-you-can-drink option for 8,50€ per person. But it’s not a must. And they don’t have food for us, so we have to bring cookies or things like that with us.
My suggestion would be to meet there relaxed after breakfast (ca. 11:00) write cards, talk and drink coffee. And when we are done or want to go geocaching or we get hungry or whatever, we move on.

Participants Friday (unlimited):

Participants Saturday (max 14 persons can sit in that meeting room):

If more people are interested for Saturday, we’ll find a solution!


Hello to all of you :slight_smile:

I finally found the time to create the Meeting :tada: I added everyone from the message list to the list of participiants above. Is it right like this? Or shall I remove anyone? Or mark your name with a questionmark or anythink like that?

I’m really looking forward to this!


why have names already been added to the list while no one registers themselves. this way no one who wants to register can anymore this is
not correct

See Taebbigs post above and if I see it right there are still places left

This will be my very first meetup, thanks, Laura, for organizing!
I‘m looking forward to meet fellow geocrossers :smile:.

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I added everyone who was involved in the “where and when shall we meet”-process. It’s not me who organized this on my own so I added everyone who was involved and I think it’s just fair.
And as tetsuko has already mentioned, of course people can join! Why should I make this public if not everyone else was welcome?
As I wrote: unlimited on Friday and 14 places to sit on Saturday. But if more people are interested for Saturday we will find a solution.


I lokking forward to meet you in Kassel. :slight_smile: I might bring some homemade cookies for saturday :cookie:

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Even @EttaHenry is going to participate? :hugs: What a pity I cannot join, but I wish you lots of fun all together!


@manuchka, the outlook for my being there is doubtful, but I’m refusing to give up. My bone graft surgery last month is not healing well, lots of complications, but I’m holding out hope that it could change at the last minute. The surgeon will give me the final word on whether I can go or not when I see him on Sept. 12 – and I will let you know as soon as I find out. Of course, they will need to fit me with another set of fake teeth so I won’t scare anyone! I know the chances of my being able to be there are much less than they were even 2 weeks ago, but just hoping for it is giving me a much-needed boost to my spirits-- and who knows? It just may happen! Meanwhile, @taebbig, if the places fill up, please give my spot to someone else who wants it. I would feel terrible if I ended up not being able to go, and then someone who wanted to go, could not do so because it is full. I have picked out the flights and hotel I want, but if the surgeon says “No way” I will just tell myself that I will come to another meetup someday…meanwhile, hope is therapeutic! I really believe that! :wink: :sunny:


I keep my fingers crossed for you being able to take your flight and meet the bunch of geocrossers. And next time I want to be part of the game, too (although I am not an active geocacher - I will just team up with somebody then).


Hello again :slight_smile: @DaniSmit had the idea of crafting together and I think it’s a wonderful idea. I’ll quote her here:

Of course it’s not obligatory, but everyone who wants can join us. I’ll bring a few things with me for sure :slight_smile:


Great idea. I will bring some stuff with me.

Another question
Is someone interested in meeting cards?
I’ve made a design.

0,79 per card

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Great design! I’d take 10 cards :smiley:

If I made the design without frame and order 50 or 100 it could much cheaper

Great! I’d take 20 cards please :slight_smile:

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I’ve ordered 50 with frame and 50 without frame. I hope that the quality is good. We will see.

Perhaps I have many cards for “Fehlkauf RR” :grin:


Hello everyone, i have just returned from the oral surgeon’s office and I have to give you the sad news that there is no way I can come. The upper bone graft (in the roof of my mouth) has just not been healing well and even in a best case scenario, it will be another 4 weeks before they can fit me for some prosthetic teeth. We have to wait for the gum to close over the bone or they may have to remove the graft. I was really hoping to be there and now I will just start dreaming about some future (as yet unknown) meet up. Meanwhile thanks for including me, it has been fun to look into the flights and hotels and now I know a lot about another place in Germany I hope to visit someday!
Wish me luck,

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Dear Julia, such bad news for your health and for our meeting. I wish you all the best

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Oh dear, that‘s such a pity.
But I‘m sure we‘ll meet one day.
Best wishes for your recovery!

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