23.01.15 - The Train Runs Fast! Meetup in Kaohsiung

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: 新濱·駅前 (No. 5, Linhai 3rd Rd, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804)
:calendar: DATE: 2023.Jan.15
:alarm_clock: TIME: 15:30~17:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

  1. 此聚會於2023.01.15於新濱·駅前舉辦,採預約制,請私訊確認報名。現場低消為每人一個品項。
  2. 現場活動另贈送紀念明信片一張與聚會限定印章一枚(非正面集章)。
  3. 聚會結束後,印章預計擺放於貿易商大樓1樓(804高雄市鼓山區臨海三路5號)

1.The Meetups will be held in front of 新濱・駅前 on 2023.01.15. Reservations are required. Please send a private message to confirm registration.
Minimum consumption of one drinks.
2. Offers Meetups exclusive seal images and postcards.
3. After the Meetups, the seal is expected to be placed on the 1st floor of the Traders Building (No. 5, Linhai 3rd Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, 804 Taiwan).

Hi! I’d love to swap for your card #1! Please dm me if interested, here’s what I can offer:

Sure, We will choice two postcards and sent 1 set postcards for you.

i will try to attend but i am not certain yet