22th November 2020 Wuxi Mini Postcrossing Meetup, CHINA

:world_map:  PROVINCE: Jiangsu Province
:world_map:  CITY: Wuxi
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: Starbuck , 1st FL.,Suning Plaza
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: 22th November , 10:00-11:30

Rainy, Y.y, and so on

Bring yourself,stamps,Glue stick, clored pens and anything you think will be needed.

If you wanna join us or exchange Meetup card, please contact me via e-mail rainy0901@vip.qq.com.Thanks.

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This is SiuranaTarraco, from Bilbao (Spain). I received the Meetup postcard- what an agreeable, kind surprise!!
If some/all of you would like to receive a postcard from my region, Basque Country, please feel free to write a message to me. It will be a pleasure to send it.
Health, peace and good mood!