21 Apr 2024 - Cinnaminson NJ Meet-Up

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Cinnaminson, New Jersey
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Cinnaminson Library, 1619 Riverton Rd, Cinnaminson NJ
:calendar: DATE: Sunday 21 April 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1:30pm to 4:00pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

This meet-up is co-hosted by Mary (Irishmare) and Barbara (BPLUM).
It’s our first time co-hosting and the first time this particular location has held a meet-up!

What to expect at this meet-up ----
*Sign/stamp meet-up postcards - Bring a stamper to sign the cards or your favorite pen!
*Socialize with other Postcrossing members.
*Participate in the Treasure/Trash swap table - bring your “trash” postcards to swap for new “treasures.”
*Play games - prizes for winning team

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be available.
Feel free to bring a snack to share.

The room will be open beginning 1pm for early arrivals. Note: The Library does open at 1pm.

Note – This Meet-Up will also be listed as an event on the Burlington County Library System’s website approximately 30 days prior. A link will be posted once available.

This meet-up does have a maximum number of participants due to the size of the room. Once maximum number is reached, there will be a “Registration is Closed” post.

Request registration for each Postcrossing member attending via marking GOING on this event page of the Postcrossing Forum. If there are 2 Postcrossing members in your household and both of you are attending, do register each of you individually.
Registering via the Library website once posted.
Again, requesting each Postcrossing member register individually.
If you’re bringing a friend (or two) kindly let me know. Thanks!

The Cinnaminson Library is located off US Highway Route 130. It is accessible via Interstate 295. Look for the large eagle sculpture in front of the Library. Parking is available in the Library parking lot.


Meet-up postcards will be available.
Stay tuned for details.

See you in April!
Mary (Irishmare) and Barbara (BPLUM)


got it marked down :slight_smile:


Excited to attend. Practically in my backyard.


Good to hear!

Great! See you soon!

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Ed and I will be there :slightly_smiling_face:


Count me in! :grinning:


:grinning:**Quick Update – **
1. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate will be available
**2. Feel free to bring a snack to share. **
3. Information on the meet-up card coming soon.

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:blush:Another Update

Each attendee will receive an unsigned copy of the Meet-Up card.
Additional Meet-Up cards can be purchased for .20 each
Cash (USD) or Venmo payments are accepted.
Contact me directly for advance purchases.


Hi Mary,
I’d like 10 postcards and I’ll give you cash on the day.

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Hi Linda,
You’ve got them! I look forward to seeing you again.(we met at Barb’s meet-up)

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Hello! I’d like to attend :blush:


Wonderful! See you then! Would you like to order cards in advance or get them the day of?

Yeah, I would like to order 20 cards please!


You’ve got them!

GOING! Excited! I worked in Cinnaminson many years ago.

40 postcards please! Will bring cash unless you would like payment ahead of time.

Barbara - just noticed in your Postcrossing profile: “I am hosting a Meet-up on 20 April 2024.”


Yes, I am hosting a meet-up in Bordentown on 20 April 2024.
As well as co-hosting the Cinnaminson meet-up on 21 April 2024.

So, yes, it’s a weekend of Postcrossing meet-ups!
2 meet-ups in 2 days - Bordentown on Saturday, Cinnaminson on Sunday.

Looking forward to meeting you at Cinnaminson’s meet-up.


Hi! I got a message from you in my email but when I clicked to reply it said the message didn’t exist. :woman_shrugging:t4: So here I am! I would be happy to meet up with you to give you your postcards in advance. I work in Columbus and live in Southampton. Are you anywhere near either? Let me know where you are and we’ll set something up.

Hello, I will be there!


Glad to hear it! Would you like to order cards in advance or when you arrive?