207 or 208 countries with Postcrossing members?

In the " Postcrossing in numbers" section there is an information of 207 countries that have Postcrossing members. Earlier this month (December 2020) there were 208. Could anyone tell me what happened to that 208th country and which one it was?

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Most likely the last member either closed their account or moved back to their original country. Or finished their holidays.


The postcrossing system deletes members who are not active or haven’t logged in to the site for a specific period of time.
So a member from one country might have been Unactive or might have disabled his account.
This is also the reason why the number of postcrossing members also changes regularly in the Main site

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No, those profiles are only set to inactive.


I once got a card from the only member in Burkina Faso. That member has moved back to Germany months ago. The same might have happened to another country now.


In May 2020 there was 210 countries.

Since then we have lost Anguilla, Burundi, Korea (North), South Sudan.


Thank you very much. I’m a geographer, so I’m always interested in topics about countries and territories. :slight_smile: