2024 Australia Post stamp bulletin

And in addition to the maxicards going up, I think prepaid postcards will too. From what I remember, they went from $2.40 each to $2.55 each in late 2022/early 2023, at the same time as domestic postage went from $1.10 to $1.20.

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Yes! :sweat_smile: I’ll forget though so don’t feel weird about prompting me next time I mention I’m going somewhere!

The weird mission I had was to visit the external territories of Australia, and so far I have been to the inhabited ones (Norfolk Island, Cocos Keeling Islands, Christmas Island.)

That might be it because I’m not keen on going to Antarctica and I’m certainly not itching to go to uninhabited outposts :sweat_smile:


Oh man that sounds like such a fun mission, if I ever have travel money to burn I might steal it!! I would love to visit the Antarctic research station we have at least once, however it’d have to be short because I hate the cold XD

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We wondered if they would release something before the next bulletin with a $1.50 stamp, and bam, there it is:

I only spotted them because I saw them on ebay. Issued officially two days ago, but only on sale from today.

The stamps are nice, but the maxicards are expensive since the stamp values are $1.50, $3.00 and $4.50.


Never seen this before. I guess they weren’t ready to get them out:


Thank you for adding that link! I couldn’t find the page to buy that maxicard set by searching on the shop part of the website. Maybe they’re still not ready to release it, but you can add it to your cart.
Same with the Q2 offer, I can’t find it in the search or ‘special offers’ category but the link still works.

Some truly beautiful designs in this bulletin!


What is your favorite?


I didn’t even think to check if the Bulletin was updated! The ones you’ve highlighted would be my picks too.

Link for anyone else who missed it: https://australiapostcollectables.com.au/content/dam/auspost_corp_microsites/collectables/documents/stamp-bulletins/2024/stamp-bulletin-389.pdf


They forgot to sqeeze Tassie in as always :rofl:

I really liked the design till I saw we’re missing!


It looks quite strange without Tassie, really! What a shame.


Happy accident: I went in this morning to get the new stamps (because around here the offices weren’t selling them until today) and instead of the fish I got the old $3 stamp with sunflowers! Very pleased about that because it means that this year so far I have almost managed to get the whole Farming Australia 2012 set directly from POs (even found the 60c at one office!) Now I’m only missing the $1, pretty sure that would be the hardest one to get.


I’ve ordered the kangaroos and the wattle. I think they’re beautiful. I’ll be ordering the Indigenous designs as well. I thought there are some great releases coming up from the latest issue.

New bulletin is out.

The seals are my favourite. Koalas are always good to have on hand too.


Do we know what these prices are for?

The new international prices for letters in zones 1 (NZ), 2 (Asia) and 5 (Rest of the World) effective on the stamp issue date.

Also: with the new Exmouth postmark the new Whale Shark stamp is an opportunity for a “DIY maxicard” isn’t it?


I like those seals too! And the koalas.

Friends stamps… I’m excited to see them uploaded on the site for clearer images!!