2023 Aug 13 - 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition in Taipei - Mini Meetup

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Taipei, Taiwan
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Good Cho’s (No.54, Songqi Street, Xinyi Dist, Taipei City)
:calendar: DATE: August 13, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:00~13:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
Sign postcards, and visit the stamp exhibition

Hi everyone, as you might aware that 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition is in Taipei. It’s a 5-days event, from Aug 11 to 15. For this event, our Chunghwa Post is going to issue a few special souvenir stamps (miniature sheets). Some are featuring the cute and famous Sanrio characters!!!

↓ Sanrio stamps by our Chunghwa Post

Thus, I prepare 2 Taipei landmarks postcards, on which Sanrio stamps could be fit in perfectly.

This meetup is going to be a mini-meetup. No attending fee required, YET there’s minimum order of NTD 100 for a seat in Good Cho’s.

Important: I do not help to reserve seats. If you want to attend, please inform me in advance, and must show up on time.

Postcard is NT$10/ each. (for printing cost only)
Limited copies, if you need some please let me know first…


I will be back in town. Can I get 10 pieces? If not 5 is fine

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I will attend.

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Sure. You need 10 pc each? Or 5 pc each, total 10? I’m trying to find a cafeteria near the World Trade Center, if I do find one, will update the meetup location.

Ah 5 pieces each. Thanks

I will attend the exhibition too.
May i bought 10 each and pay by cash please?

Hello let me get back to you tonight. I need to check Qty. thank you!

Hello! I’m looking for an exchange for both postcards. Thank you in advance! Авторизация

會參加,8月見 :two_hearts:

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I have sent you a PM two days ago, do you see it? I would like to order 20 postcards, 10 for each❣️

Hi I did receive your message. Sorry for late reply. Planing to reply IU on weekend. I need to check the qty left. Will get back to you soon!

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Please be aware that meetup location changed. And minimum order of NTD 100 up for a seat at Good Cho’s. I cannot reserve seats, please show up on time at 11AM, Aug 13.


Hello! I will be glad to swap if you like my postcards Swap – Google Drive

Hello :four_leaf_clover:
I’m looking for swap this beautiful postcards :star:
That’s my offer - > Встречные ОБМЕН – 80 Bilder | VK